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Robert Priddy Attacks His Own Son Kai Priddy

Posted on: October 25, 2009

Robert Priddy Attacks His Own Son Kai Priddy

In an amusing twist of events, Robert Priddy (a caustic critic and defamer of Sathya Sai Baba who once hailed the Guru as God Incarnate and who once fervently Worshipped And Kissed The Guru’s Feet) wrote an article trashing & bashing “astrological superstitions” and ”fallacious astrological claims” about “cloud-cuckoo” gulikakala and rahukala (alleged inauspicious astrological times based on alleged planetary influences).

What is so amusing about Robert Priddy’s criticism of astrology is that his own son (Kai Nicolai Priddy) is an astrologer, believes in astrology, created astrology software and is the registrant for the astrology domain!

By attacking astrologers and astrology, Robert Priddy is also attacking his “lunatic fringe” astrologer son, Kai Nicolai Priddy. Now there’s something to chuckle about.

Way to go, Priddles!

Information About Gulika Kaal And Rahu Kaal

The ‘Gulika-kaal’ (or simply ‘Gulik’) is a period of approximately 1 hour and 30 minutes duration every day of the week. This time duration is ruled by ‘Shani’ (Saturn). This period is considered to be inauspicious to start any important work. However, ‘Gulik Kala’ is considered a good period to undertake new projects.

This time is calculated by dividing ‘Dinamaan’ into eight equal parts (each of approximately 1 hour 30 minutes). The ‘Dinamaan’ is the total duration of time between local sunrise and sunset on any given day. The ‘Gulik-kaal’ and its order vary from day to day. (Reference)

It has been believed from the Vedic Age and has been observed even presently that there are certain times of the day called ‘Rahu Kalam’, which is believed to be an ill-omened time period of the day. During this time frame one should avoid any auspicious action such as investments, business transactions, asset purchases, journeys, relationships, meetings and medical treatments. It is believed that work done during this period does not bring successful results.It is a normal practice in South India.

‘Rahu Kalam’ (or, ‘Rahu-kaal’) is an inauspicious time period for a particular day. It is one-eighth part of the difference between the Sun set and Sun rise time (approx. 90 minutes) of a particular place for specific day of a week. The Rahu Kalam time period and its order vary from day to day. (Reference)


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