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Kevin Shepherd Murder Article On WordPress

Posted on: November 12, 2009

Kevin Shepherd Murder Article On WordPress

Kevin R.D. Shepherd (exhibiting the symptoms of a person afflicted with paranoia) accused Gerald Joe Moreno of being part of some sort of covert internet plot and conspiracy to influence “uncritical devotees” that Shepherd was involved in some sort of “murder”. Kevin RD Shepherd based his argument on a wordpress tag that he erroneously accused Gerald Joe Moreno of creating. Kevin Shepherd said:

Kevin R.D. Shepherd: “His more recent attempt to undermine my Google Search name listing includes tagged entries of no effective content, using my name and publishing imprints as tags calculated to draw hostile attention. One entry that has aroused strong comment is the item on my Google Search name listing which tags my name with ‘Kevin Shepherd murder.’ This refers to an actual murder which has nothing to do with me. See the very misleading ‘Kevin Shepherd murder 8/11/07 Copperton, UT… Kevin Shepherd and Robert Priddy… Find other items tagged with kevin-shepherd’ at Observers have deduced that the multiple blog and tag tactic intruding upon my Google Search name listing amounts to a form of internet harassment. Joe Moreno is clearly attempting to influence uncritical devotees via his websites and blogs and tagging system. The strong conclusion follows that he is an obsessive internet ‘hit man’ as ex-devotees have been urging.”

Obviously, Kevin Shepherd does not know how to use the internet, does not know how wordpress tags work and thinks he is the only ‘Kevin Shepherd’ on the planet (there are actually around 600,000 Google results for the name Kevin Shepherd).

Notable “Kevin Shepherd’s” not associated with Kevin R.D. Shepherd:

  1. Kevin W. Shepherd, lawyers in Maryville, TN, Tennessee
  2. Kevin Shepherd, Lawyer in Topeka Kansas (numerous listings)
  3. Kevin Shepherd Comedian (numerous listings)
  4. Kevin Shepherd – Plumbing And Tiling Services
  5. Kevin L. Shepherd – Co-chair of the Real Estate Group of Venable LLP
  6. Dr. Kevin P. Shepherd
  7. Kevin Shepherd – Original Vegemite Boy
  8. Kevin Shepherd – Radio Technical Officer Who Served In The Antartic Region
  9. Kevin P. Shepherd – NASA Researcher
  10. Sergeant Kevin ‘Condor’ Shepherd – “Detroit SWAT”

At the time of Kevin Shepherd’s accusation (October 2007) there was only one article resolving to the “murder” listing under the wordpress tag for “Kevin Shepherd” (Ref). The wordpress tag listed an article entitled “Kevin Shepherd murder 8/11/07 Copperton, UT” (Ref). Click on the link and it resolves to this wordpress webpage. The original article is located on this webpage. reported a story about a man named “Steven Lovendahl” who had an argument with a man named “Kevin Shepherd”. Lovendahl shot Shepherd in the arm and he died as a result. This incident occurred in Salt Lake City, Utah, USA.

Needless to say, Moreno did not write the wordpress article in question, the relevant wordpress blog does not belong to Moreno and Moreno did not create the wordpress tag that resolved to the “Kevin Shepherd Murder” article. Since Mr. Kevin Shepherd does not know how to conduct even the most elementary of research, he jumped to his extreme and irrational conclusion that Moreno was somehow involved with the wordpress tag for “Kevin Shepherd Murder”. Consequently, Mr. Shepherd’s asinine arguments against Moreno are without credible or factual basis (as are most of his arguments against Moreno and Sathya Sai Baba).

These types of conspiratorial and puerile accusations argue more that Kevin Shepherd is an “internet hit man” who assaults others with his formidable ignorance about the internet.

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