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Gerald Joe Moreno Responds To PhD Timothy Conway About Jegathesan Letter

Posted on: November 20, 2009

Gerald Joe Moreno Responds To PhD Timothy Conway About Jegathesan Letter

At, Timothy Conway published a particularly confrontational response to a letter that J.Jagadeesan wrote in October 2000 about the Sai Controversy. This webpage contains Moreno’s response to Timothy Conway’s critique of Datuk J Jegathesan’s Letter. Since this article is long, it has been divided into three pages (links for pages 1, 2, 3 are located at the bottom of the page).

Moreno’s Comments About Timothy Conway’s Critique Of Datuk J Jegathesan’s Letter: Jagadeesan’s comments are in blue, Conway’s are in light grey and Joe Moreno’s response follows.


Timothy Conway: Criticizing the irrational, malicious “defense” of Baba by J. Jagadeesan by Timothy Conway, Ph.D — March 12, 2001 / Dear Friends, J. Jagadeesan, a longtime Sai devotee and prominent Southeast Asian Sai organizational leader and author of Sai literature, in October, 2000 issued a revised “Open Letter” to his Sai Brothers and Sisters. In this letter, he at-tacks those critics of Baba who are concerned about the extensive allegations of criminal sexual behavior. [Note that many of Jagadeesan’s same words and ideas are reiterated by Baba in his 2000 Christmas discourse.] I have already written extensive critical analysis of the written views of prominent American Sai devotee Jack Hawley and author Ram Das Awle. Because Jagadeesan, like Hawley, is such a hugely prominent figure in the Sai movement, his views deserve to be carefully examined and challenged where they err. Hence I present the follow-ing critical response to his open letter to the Sai community. –Timothy Conway

Moreno’s Response: This webpage was created to criticize the irrational, malicious and poorly referenced “defense” of Ex-Devotees and alleged victims by PhD Timothy Conway. I have already written a detailed and scathing response to Timothy Conway regarding the Jack Hawley Letter. Many of the main points made in my prior response are repeated here because Timothy Conway has a tendency to parrot his feral attacks over and over again, ad nauseam. Consequently, I am forced to repeat my prior arguments so that readers will not think that I have glossed over Timothy Conway’s serious and criminal allegations against Sathya Sai Baba.


From the desk of J. Jagadeesan (Malaysia) Date : 30th October 2000 Open Letter – Revised Version!
a) All Malaysia Leaders of Sai Centres and Youth Coordinators
b) All Youth Coordinators and copied to all Central Coordinators / Zonal leaders

Re: The Sai Movement – The Future – The External Threat (Revised Version)

Dear Brothers and Sisters,
Recently, I sent an open letter to all Malaysian SAI leaders and youth coordinators on the subject of “The Internal Threat” of how behaviour among members, youth and/or leaders can undermine the work done by the or-ganization and the good name of SAI. Subsequently, I addressed the issue of “The External Threat” to the SAI movement. Since this has been well received as useful, I am taking the liberty to send a Revised Version of this letter to all who may be interested.

The “INTERNET” has become both a curse and a blessing! A blessings for those who seek to advance the boundaries of knowledge and to communicate good and noble thoughts to all at the click of a button, and a curse to all who use this incredible technology to indulge in filth and negativity! I am specifically referring to the spread of negativity about Bhagawan Baba by forces that have their own agenda of Action!

Unfortunately, since youth are the ones who most extensively use the Internet, they are often both the perpe-trators and victims of this insidious campaign to malign the name of one of the noblest beings, who has walked the earth — nay — a Being of Divine Majesty who walks this earth. Let me put this to you in the crudest terms possi-ble, for I have no better way to demonstrate to you the grossness of the actions some are taking! If you see faeces on the ground, would you take it and hand it over to your friend? And after handling the dirt, even if you wash your hand the smell lingers on…at least in your memory!

[NOTE FROM TIMOTHY CONWAY (hereafter abbreviated as “TC”): notice how Jagadeesan, rather than address the serious charges made by a growing number of people willing to testify in a court of law to the truth of what has happened to them with Baba’s sexual predatory behavior, instead simply equates these people and other truth-seekers with “faeces-handlers.” This is an attempt to smear (no pun intended) the reputations of those who are trying to uphold Dharma and the laws of the land that would protect children and young adults from sexual abuse.]

Moreno’s Response: To Date: Not even one alleged victim (out of alleged “hundreds to thousands”) has even attempted to file a basic police complaint or court case against Sathya Sai Baba in India since 1993 (so much for the claim that alleged victims were willing to testify against Sai Baba in a court of law).

One would think that parents of molested children would be the most pro-active in seeking justice for alleged acts of sexual impropriety perpetrated against their children. However, in the case of Sathya Sai Baba, not even one parent has come forward and filed a basic police complaint, affidavit, public grievance or court case against Sathya Sai Baba in India (or anywhere else for that matter) for alleged acts of pedophilia (Ref).

It is not surprising that Timothy Conway blindly believed the allegations against Sai Baba. Although Timothy Conway possesses a PhD, he is a gullible true believer in Gurus [3], Mystics [3], Enlightened Masters [3], psychics [1] [2] [4], levitation [5], bi-location [5], miracles [5], remote-viewing [4], elementals, meditation [2] [6], paranormal powers [5], aliens [4] [10], rebirth [1] [7], reincarnation [1] [7], karma [8], oracles [2], I-Ching [2], sensitives [1] [2], channelers [1] [2], astrology [2], astrologists [2], palm-reading [2], non-duality [9], etc. (the list goes on and on).

Timothy Conway also attempted to argue that if Sai Baba possesses paranormal powers, he could easily “warp spacetime” by creating an “insular interdimensional environment” where he could engage in abuse without easy detection. That’s right, Timothy Conway believes that it is possible that Sai Baba molested alleged victims on another dimension, which is why it is so difficult for them to prove their allegations and why there is an abysmal lack of witnesses supporting their claims (Ref: Conway Email No. 10).

Ex-Devotees have exposed themselves as mentally unstable defamers who care less for truth and dharma and care more for sleaze and sensationalism.


[J. Jagadeesan, hereafter abbreviated as “JJ”] That is why I urge all — “do not read the filth that is being transmit-ted — for even if you doubt and reject every word, the stain will remain and affect your peace if not your devo-tion”. Just click “delete” or toss it into the waste bin!

[TC: In other words, says Jagadeesan, collectively stick your head into the sand and go into pathological de-nial in the face of the serious charges about Baba.]

Moreno’s Response: This is an amusing response considering that Timothy Conway and Ex-Devotees collectively stick their heads in the sand and go into pathological denial in face of the abysmal lack of evidence against Sathya Sai Baba. All the internet rumors against Sathya Sai Baba cannot make it into a court of law despite the seriousness of the allegations and despite the rampant claims of “overwhelming evidence” and “irrefutable facts”. If it looks like rhetoric, sounds like rhetoric and is unsubstantiated like rhetoric: It’s Rhetoric!


[JJ:] If you hear someone hurling vile accusations about your father and mother would you pass this on to your friend?

[TC: What if your father or mother was a chronic child abuser? You are, under law, actually REQUIRED by the “MANDATED REPORTING” RULES to report such allegations of child molestation and abuse. Otherwise you are an accomplice to the crimes if/when they are prosecuted in a court of law.]

Moreno’s Response: Using Timothy Conway’s logic, “hundreds” and possibly “thousands” of alleged victims and their mothers and fathers have all (without exception) refused to do the “moral” and “ethical” thing as there are no known “child molestation” charges, court cases or basic police complaints filed against Sathya Sai Baba in India. The alleged parents to these alleged “minors”, “children” and “male youth” have all (without exception) failed in their legal duty of “mandated reporting” and are thereby (according to Timothy Conway) “accomplices in sexual molestation crimes”. If “hundreds” to “thousands” of parents are not complaining about the alleged molestations of their children, why should Sai Devotees make complaints based on internet rumors? This indisputable fact strongly solidifies the argument that Sathya Sai Baba never molested children.


[JJ:] Yet this is what some adults and youth are doing! Some do it in mistaken innocence of a gossip monger, who even though he / she does not believe in the gossip, feels a sense of “self glorification” by being the one to pass on the gossip…with a conniving whisper “have you heard of this?”

[TC: None of the serious investigators is a “gossip monger.”]

Moreno’s Response: This is a bold-faced untruth. Timothy Conway is a gossip monger and Ex-Devotees are malicious gossip mongers (fully documented with screen-caps, links and their own words). Just one small example: On Timothy Conway’s website, he referenced Basava Premanand’s book about me (Ref). Premanand libeled me (Ref) and even claimed that I was sexually abused by Sathya Sai Baba (Ref). This is the type of person that PhD Timothy Conway loves to cite against others. Instead of taking a stand for morality, truth and dharma, Timothy Conway takes a stand for libels, defamations and maliciousness. Therefore, Timothy Conway’s Anti-Sai Activism is not surprising in the least and his pro-assessments of Ex-Devotee’s character are disastrously ill-formed, completely biased and patently absurd.


[JJ:] There are yet others, whose faith is weak, who have been involved with SAI, at a superficial level even for a long time! Others having possibly been denied of a miracle or favour from SAI, or ignored by Him after consider-able personal attention, eagerly take up this filth and pass it on to others — hoping that others will also equally deny the Divine force and majesty of SAI!

[TC: Jagadeesan is basically charging that all who criticize Baba are suffering from a “sour grapes” syn-drome, and this simply is not true. Mature, longtime aspirants who live by an ethics of Sathya, Dharma, Shanti, Prema and Ahimsa instead believe that there are now far too many stories, many supported by sworn affidavits, that something quite terrible has been occurring for at least 30 years — a sustained pattern of sexual predatory be-havior by Baba toward male youth — including minors perhaps as young as 8 years old. And I’m not merely talk-ing about Baba’s “annointing the perineum” of males, either. No, we are hearing from trustworthy sources persis-tent allegations of pressure and manipulation by Baba to engage male youth, and have male youth engage him, in forced oral sex and masturbation, often to the point of ejaculation.]

Moreno’s Response: It is significant to note that all of the currently vocal critics of Sathya Sai Baba were never sexually abused themselves and never witnessed an incident of alleged abuse themselves. Even going back to 2001, Anti-Sai sympathizers rightly questioned the hearsay allegations against Sai Baba (Ref). Therefore, critic’s claims and articles about alleged victims are entirely hearsay and second-hand versions and interpretations to what they speculate may have happened according to stories they heard, read and blindly believed. Therefore, is it true the many ex-devotees are suffering from “sour grapes”, including Timothy Conway.

Timothy Conway attempted to con readers into thinking that there are “signed legal affidavits” against Sathya Sai Baba. This claim is wholly unsubstantiated and based (ironically) on “gossipy rumors” that Conway blindly believed. As a matter of fact, Timothy Conway fully acknowledged to me (via e-mail) that he never saw an alleged affidavit for himself but blindly believed the “affidavits” claim based on information relayed to him by the late Glen Meloy. Then (in a subsequent email) Timothy Conway flip-flopped, changed his story and said he based his “affidavits” claim on the India Today article (which stated that Jens Sethi and Hans de Kraker submitted “signed affidavits” to them).

India Today’s relevant extract from Jens & Gurprit Sethi’s account was duplicated (verbatim) from their signed letter to David Bailey (who, since the year 2000, never referred to Sethi’s story as an “affidavit”). Jens & Gurprit Sethi’s signed letter to David Bailey was deceptively called a “signed affidavit” by India Today even though no Anti-Sai Activist ever specifically referred to Sethi’s story as an “affidavit”. India Today’s relevant extract from Hans de Kraker’s account was actually taken (verbatim) from a private letter he wrote to the French journalist Virginie Saurel. Hans de Kraker told me (via e-mail) that much of his private correspondence was made public without his permission. Hans de Kraker’s signed letter to Virginie Saurel was deceptively called a “signed affidavit” by India Today even though no Anti-Sai Activist ever specifically referred to Kraker’s letter as an “affidavit”. Even Michelle Goldberg (who cited the same letter in her article) did not refer to the letter as an “affidavit”. Therefore, Jens & Gurprit Sethi and Hans de Kraker’s signed letters were not actual “signed affidavits” sworn before a notary as fraudulently claimed by India Today (who were working exclusively in collaboration with critics and Ex-Devotees). Furthermore, Jens Sethi and Hans de Kraker were both adults (not minors) when they had their first alleged encounters with Sai Baba.

Ex-Devotees have revealed that they cannot distinguish between affidavits (which are sworn before a notary or other officer authorized to administer an oath) and stories that were never sworn before a notary or other authorized officer (Ref). Even Robert Priddy said that abuse stories were “recorded in various of the affidavits on the internet (totally confusing online stories with affidavits). Timothy Conway never saw the alleged affidavits (with a stamp from a notary or signature from an authorized officer) for himself even though he had the audacity to claim (repeatedly) the alleged “affidavits” were signed, legal and in existence.

One will also notice how Timothy Conway uses numerous weasel-words (like “alleged”, “perhaps”, “possibly”, “seems”, “probably”, etc.) to phrase the allegations against Sai Baba (which is essentially an admission conceding to the limitations and lack of certainty pertaining to the allegations). Timothy Conway even claimed that Sathya Sai Baba had molested “minors perhaps as young as 8 years old”. This is a gutter and blatant untruth.

An anonymous account in The Findings (dubiously attributed to Dr. Bhatia) claimed Sai Baba raped a 7 year-old boy (since proven to be a ridiculous lie). Although the story alleged that the 7 year-old rape victim was examined by a doctor in Bangalore (whom allegedly confirmed the “rape”) the doctor did absolutely nothing about it, thereby engaging in an illegal cover-up by purposely failing to file a police complaint, which he would have been ethically and legally mandated to do (had it actually happened).

It remains unclear why the parents to the alleged victim would allow Dr. Bhatia to take their son for a rape examination in Bangalore (some 250km away from Puttaparthi), yet refused to take their own son themselves. Furthermore, the alleged parents to the alleged victim have never (ever) filed a basic police complaint or court case against Sai Baba for alleged sexual improprieties. These are the type of malicious rumors that Ex-Devotees are notorious for spreading, blindly believing and citing as actual events.

All of the known stories alleging sexual abuse on the internet do not mention one word about alleged victims being aroused to the point of ejaculation. As a matter of fact, all of the alleged victims (excluding Conny Larsson) said they were not sexually aroused in the least. Shame on Dr. Timothy Conway for spreading these malicious rumors that are not supported with credible, verifiable or legal documentation or references.


[JJ:] This is the pathetic story of the fox that got its tail cut and is now trying to persuade others that a “cut tail” is the fashionable thing to have! In the story of the “fox that cut its tail” the other foxes saw through the insidious plan of the fox and chased him away! Unfortunately, in the case of SAI Centres and SAI devotees, some “SAI foxes” have unwittingly allowed their tails to be cut and they are thus depriving themselves of the greatest chance of a lifetime!

[TC: We have here merely more childish name-calling and misleading analogies given by Jagadeesan to put up a thick smokescreen of fog so that people will not think for themselves and have any empathy for the plight of those trying to conscientiously investigate and expose many dozens of allegations of serious crimes against male children and young men.]

Moreno’s Response: Dear reader, keep reading and see who exactly is engaging in “childish name-calling and misleading analogies”. Keep your eyes open for Timothy Conway’s Nazi “name-calling” and Nazi “analogies”. One will also notice how Timothy Conway just said there are “dozens” of allegations made against Sathya Sai Baba (in fact, there are only six non-anonymous accounts). As this article progresses, one will see how PhD Timothy Conway shamelessly embellishes the numbers of alleged victims from “dozens” to “dozens or hundreds” and finally to “hundreds or thousands”.

Timothy Conway again mentioned the fraudulent “child molestation” claims (which I already discussed and refuted in-depth on my website). Timothy Conway blithely tosses around serious and criminal allegations of “child molestation” and thinks it is entirely “appropriate” although he cannot substantiate his claims with credible, verifiable or legal documentation or references.


[JJ:] I say all this with certainty, for I acclaim the Divine Force that SAI represents, from the point view of one who was at one time a strong anti-Sai! It is thus not a blind “herd mentality” that I follow — but a firm conviction from not only my own experience, but that of many other devotees and even beings of the 4th dimension! I have written enough about these in my books “Journey to God” – Parts 1, 2, 3 and 4 to warrant further elaboration.

[TC: This is, of course, no valid defense of Baba whatsoever. Jagadeesan is merely stating that he has a con-viction about Sai, and that he “acclaims the Divine Force that SAI represents.” But he does not substantiate any of this. Yes, his books tell some wonderful stories about Baba. But Jagadeesan is begging the question about Baba’s shadow side when he simply wants to tell you about the good things regarding Baba. Please realize that criminal pedophiles usually have many wonderful personality characteristics and can accomplish good things, even great things, in the world. This should not distract us from the fact that pedophiles are also committing criminal behav-ior.]

Moreno’s Response: Timothy Conway again mentioned the fraudulent “pedophile” claims (which I already discussed and refuted in-depth on my website). Although Timothy Conway demands that Jagadeesan “substantiate” his claims, Timothy Conway does not substantiate his claims whatsoever. Defamers and fanatics can have degrees and wonderful personality characteristics. Their degrees and personality characteristics should not distract us from the fact that defamers and fanatics are engaging in reprehensible behavior that is intellectually and ethically dishonest.


[JJ:] It is an amazing frailty of the human mind, that those who have not transformed their lives despite for years hearing and reading the noble, elevating words of SAI, or reading / hearing noble and divine experience of others, are able in a trice to be affected by negativity and filth!! What a searing indictment on the human mind!

[TC: Jagadeesan engages here in more character-assassination of those who take seriously the serious allega-tions. What kind of “defense” of Baba is this by Jagadeesan — merely engaging in a long-winded harangue of name-calling and character-assassination toward those who are deeply disturbed by stories from trustworthy sources?]

Moreno’s Response: It is indeed amusing that Timothy Conway is criticizing Jagadeesan for “character assassination”. By making this condemnation, PhD Timothy Conway is contrasting himself as a better person who does not engage in character assassination. Unfortunately, as the reader will see, Timothy Conway will soon begin his own form of “character assassination” by accusing Jagadeesan of being “demonic”, making erroneous comparisons between Jagadeesan and the Nazis (a gutter tactic he employed against Jack Hawley) and attempting to equate Sathya Sai Baba with “Hitler, Stalin, Pol Pot, Pinochet and many others involved in ongoing atrocities”.


[JJ:] What Does Sai Say? Let me quote to all of you an extract of a letter from Sri Indulal Shah, the International Chairman! I quote:

[Shah:] “Some time ago I had circulated a quotation from Bhagawan Baba’s divine discourse. I reproduce the same below:-

[Baba:] “Many of you are pained by what some papers are indulging in, regarding me! Many are urging that something should be done about it. But, I am holding everyone back, for that is the best way to deal with both praise and blame. The ocean knows no overflowing or drying up. It is ever full, ever majestic and ever uncon-cerned.”

[Shah:] In my 35 years of association with Bhagawan, on several occasions He explains such incidents as “fly on an ear of an Elephant” which is not necessary to be disturbed or Baba reminds us that people will throw stones towards trees only if there are fruits. Let us collectively ponder what is our duty? It is our test on the path of experiencing Divinity. What vigil and fences have to be built around our organization? Let us remember nothing happens or moves without His wish. Everything that happens is for good, provided we are conscious of our Duty and personal efforts that should follow.”

[Jagadeesan:] If one asks me (i.e. Jega), who will be the one who will bend and break at the first adverse winds of allegations and filth: — it will be those who have remained in the periphery of the organization and those who have lived on the periphery of the SAI message. Also, those who expect something from SAI, those who want His constant personal physical attention, those who live constantly on the margin of SAI’s physical miracles, those who have not lived the message of SAI through Service for mankind and selfless love for all – these are the potential drop-outs!!

[TC: Jagadeesan resorts again to his only weapon, attacking the concerned, conscientious critics, accusing them of being “on the periphery,” implying that only those persons of inferior spirituality will listen to the stories about Baba’s sexual predatory behavior. But has it occurred to Jagadeesan, first, that many sincere Baba followers were so turned off by the shallow spirituality, ambitious conceit and lack of empathy among many of the senior Sai Organization leaders (like Goldstein, Jagadeesan, Shah, et al.) that these followers decided not to aspire to-ward greater organizational involvement? Second, Jagadeesan seems to be accusing the concerned critics of not living Baba’s message of “Service for mankind and selfless love for all.” I would submit, on the contrary, that many of Baba’s critics formerly in the Sai movement were longtime, tireless sevakas and many spent hundreds or thousands of hours serving as Center presidents, vice-presidents, Regional officers and coordinators, etc. Third, Jagadeesan should pose himself the question: What happened to the increasing number of formerly staunch devotees of Baba, some of them in his college and high school system, who have left over the last year or two because they could not ethically tolerate what they discovered about Baba’s behavior?]

Moreno’s Response: It is a fact that Anti-Sai Activists viciously attack, defame and libel concerned and conscientious Pro-Sai Activists (and even Sai Devotees who are not involved in the Sai Controversy). Jagadeesan did not attack any Ex-Devotee, did not mention any names whatsoever and made no references to any specific Anti-Sai material. Ex-Devotees have attempted to con the general public with claims that they are formally “organized”. They are not. Ex-Devotees created the bogus “Global Coalition” FDSSB, the bogus JuST Group, the bogus Sai Petition and the bogus Sai Petition Committee. Timothy Conway even allowed his name to be signed to a fraudulent Open Letter To The Prashanti Council. Consequently, the only people who engage in feral attacks against others are Anti-Sai Activists.

There is little doubt that Sai Devotees have fallen away from Sathya Sai Baba due to the allegations fanatically spread about him by Ex-Devotees. Even I was duped by the allegations and believed them for several years. However, I knew right from the beginning that many stories I read appeared to be motivated by anger, hatred and vindictiveness. This prompted me to investigate the Anti-Sai Movement and the shocking truth I discovered has thoroughly convinced me that Ex-Devotees are not credible or trustworthy. After all, when Ex-Devotees blatantly lie and libel me (Ref), what does this say about their claims and allegations against Sathya Sai Baba? I know, from direct experience, that Ex-Devotees and critics of Sathya Sai Baba are untruthful, malicious and pathologically obsessed with negativity.


[JJ:] Just examine silently those who have “dropped out” or turned against SAI, and you will discover this truth!

[TC: One does not discover any such “truth.” See the points made above.]

Moreno’s Response: Jagadeesan is right. Silently examine those who have “dropped out” or turned against Sathya Sai Baba and one will find (as I have) that many Ex-Devotees are pathologically obsessed with negativity, sex, rumors, gossip and vindictiveness. Several critics of Sai Baba (i.e., Robert Priddy, Sanjay Dadlani, Tony O’Clery, UsedByBaba, Barbara Dent and R.F.J. Sandt) have used numerous incognito internet names, attempting to pass themselves off as various individuals, including Pro-Sai activists and people of the opposite gender. This type of fully documented and very disturbing online behavior (Refs: 0102) strongly argues that many of the allegations against Sai Baba may be entirely fabricated by mentally unsound people whose primary goal is to deceive. Timothy Conway rather stick his head in the sand and ignore all these facts because he is hopelessly attached to his delusions and disinformation and does not want to compromise the Anti-Sai Movement he so heavily endorses and solicits.


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I deal routinely with perturbed individuals, especially males. A problem with the male psyche in the West is the fact that a lot of men “don’t feel like men”. It is easy to diagnose this with the help of Applied Kinesiology Muscle Testing. This problem is an effect of our western culture where women tend more and more to become dominant, and fathers, or father figures, are often absent. The result is a chronic state of anxiety, insecurity and low self-esteem affecting the limbic system of the brain. In order to alleviate this discomfort, people will resort to a variety of substances like drugs, food, and behaviours like sex, as well as attempting to build up their self-esteem mostly with the help of the left hemisphere through various types of rationalisations and the help of the right hemisphere through the temporary creation of illusions of all sorts. Of course, this does not work. If people followed Vedantic practices, as advocated by Swami, they would learn to transcend these faulty mechanisms and see the world, and themselves, differently. However, the main part of the problem is this powerful underlying need for men to prove themselves as such, like chimpanzees who are trying to stay at the top of their tree in order to remain alpha males, or alternatively to find a tree to climb. The internet presents a wonderful opportunity to do this; if ever there was a fertile jungle, this is it! I don’t think that you will ever be successful in changing the mindset of your favourite chimps as they no doubt feel very secure at the top of the trees they have chosen. Swami was for these people a golden opportunity to acquire this supposed security that they had been searching for, and Swami cut their trees! Poor guys!

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