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Guruphiliac Jody Radzik Dresses In Drag For Kali Maa

Posted on: November 30, 2009

Guruphiliac Jody Radzik Dresses In Drag For Kali Maa

Guruphiliac Is A Devotee Of The Fierce Hindu Goddess Kali Maa

Guruphiliac Is A Devotee Of The Fierce Hindu Goddess Kali Maa

Just when one thought that Guruphiliac Jody Radzik’s foot-kissing devotion to Mother Kali (a fierce Hindu Goddess) could not get any more embarrassing for him…it does. The author stumbled across this gem:
Guruphiliac Dresses In Drag For Kali

Guruphiliac Dresses In Drag For Kali

Original Post

Original Post

JODY: As a personality, I’m a Jungian nightmare. I’m identified with the Great Mother archetype in the form of the Hindu goddess Kali, to the point where I even act it out in drag. This would also be considered anima possession by some.

Fortunately, my Jungian therapist knows that this is exactly where “I” need to be, this being part of my role to play in the Lila this life.

However, that’s not to say that I’d *ever* recommend it to anyone else. There’s something quite insane about it, and it can get kind of scary too.

It was sort of like being blasted by a psychic nuke, and then picking up the pieces of a shattered ego.

Thankfully, it didn’t kill me. Therefore I am stronger. This is the way Ma has worked in my life.

Jai Ma Kali Dakshineswari Ki Jai!

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That’s right, Mr Guru-Buster Guruphiliac Jody Radzik was so obsessed (some could argue “possessed” or “mentally unstable”) with Kali, he actually dressed in drag to enact his love for the Goddess!

One must remember that Guruphiliac Jody Radzik’s devotion to Kali (see picture at the top of this article) is not something of the past. Guruphiliac Jody Radzik still (to this day) praises Kali and thinks that her love is manifesting as various exposures on the internet against Gurus he happens to dislike (including Sathya Sai Baba).

Let us take a closer look at other disturbing quotes from Guruphiliac Jody Radzik:

Jody Radzik: A Sex Slave For Kali:

Guruphiliac Jody Radzik: I can positively describe that experience as making love with God. I know that’s what it was. Nobody can tell me different. I will argue until the day I die that that’s what my experience was. It was a wonderful experience and it’s led me to greater opening. Every now and then I do Ecstasy again because it brings me back to that incredible experience that I can’t even begin to describe. It’s there. It’s there that I learned how to make love with God. It’s how I offered myself as a sex slave to God, through MDMA, and it’s brought me to really a wonderful experience of life…Kali has her fist up my ass up to her elbow and she loves every minute of it! (Douglas Rushkoff; 1944; “Cyberia”: Life in the Trenches of Hyperspace)

About the quote above, Guruphiliac Jody Radzik submitted a comment to a blog that gave a slight clarification:

Guruphiliac Jody Radzik: I was slightly misquoted in Cyberia in this particular instance. What I actually said was: “Kali has Her fist up my ass, and I love it.” (Ref – Comments Section)

Not only is Guruphiliac Jody Radzik Kali Ma’s “sex slave”, he also thinks the Goddess has her fist up his ass (to her elbow) and he “loves it”! Guruphiliac Jody Radzik openly stated that he requires the aid of “ecstasy” (also known as “MDMA”, an illegal psychedelic drug) to reinduce his hallucinations of having sex with the Goddess.

Guruphiliac Jody Radzik: I regard the manifest universe as my Mother. I call Her Kali. She is also my Lover, but that’s a whole different sack of potatoes. (Reference)

Guruphiliac Jody Radzik: My Mother is like a transsexual porn star, because the universe is Brahman in drag.

She makes hay with Herself as a He, The One being the Other being the One.

And during all this She takes pictures, to give us something to believe in. (Reference)

Guruphiliac Jody Radzik: Ha! Good call Greg. It was in the desert, and that is me in my manifestation as Lilakadevi, Ma Kali’s little porno princess, holding my mobile Kali shrine.

–jody. (Ref – Must Be A Group Member)

Key Words & Phrases: Drag, anima possession, a fist up my ass, a transsexual porn star, lover, porno princess, sex slave…Guruphiliac Jody Radzik is a pervert for Kali.

For all those Anti-Cult advocates, Anti-Guru advocates, Anti-Hindu advocates and Anti-Superstition advocates who love to reference Guruphiliac Jody Radzik on your blogs, websites and forums, take note!

Jody Radzik requires Kali to be his pretend sexual lover since he apparently can’ find a date. Don’t worry Jody…It’s all Ma’s will :-)


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