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Terry Lee Scott & Diana Scott : Are They Credible?

Posted on: December 20, 2009

Terry Lee Scott & Diana Scott : Are They Credible?

Terry Lee Scott and Diana Scott’s names figure prominiently in the Sai Controversy, especially in relation to the alleged Hislop Letters (which Ex-Devotees have widely propagandized through the internet).

The questions naturally arise:

  1. Who are Terry Lee Scott and Diana Scott and what role do they have in the Sai Controversy?
  2. What makes Terry Lee Scott and Diana Scott’s claims credible?

Terry Lee Scott

Terry Lee Scott is an American who studied at Sathya Sai Baba’s educational center in South India when his parents (Terrence Payne and Diana Scott Payne) were Sai Baba devotees.

For reasons unknown and yet to be explained, Terry Lee Scott was “expelled in disgrace” from Sathya Sai Baba’s educational center. Shortly thereafter, Terry Lee Scott made allegations against the Guru (the specifics of which have never been revealed). It has yet to be established whether Terry Lee Scott was actually sexually molested or whether he vindicitively repeated gossipy rumors against the Guru (which can be traced to fundamentalist Christian Tal Brooke).

The fact that Terry Lee Scott made his dubious allegations just after being “expelled in disgrace” from the hostel, strongly suggests an agenda of vindictiveness and retaliation.

Terry Lee Scott has never himself spoke out against Sai Baba. Rather, Terry Lee Scott’s allegations are propagandized by Ex-Devotee’s who never met or spoke to him. It is also peculiar that Terrence Payne (the father) did not believe Terry Lee’s allegations against Sathya Sai Baba, which resulted in a divorce between him and Diane. Terrence Payne would have known intimate details about Terry Lee Scott’s allegations and Terrence Payne was not convinced!

Diana Scott – Diane Scott

Diana Scott (formerly “Diana Payne” who officially spells her name as Diane Scott) is an Art Historian and Certified Ecstatic Trance teacher who is partnered with Jack Satkoski in Idaho (Ref). Diane Scott earned degrees from the University of California in both Art History and Art Studio. Diane Scott is involved with various New Age practices and has taught classes on “shamanic trance postures” as a certified instructor at the Cuyamungue Institute, just north of Santa Fe in New Mexico.

Although Ex-Devotees have strongly implied that Terry Lee Scott was sexually molested in some manner, Diana Scott never attempted to file a basic police complaint, court case or public grievance against Sathya Sai Baba in India for any alleged impropriety. Rather, Diana Scott simply wrote complaint letters to various people in the Sai Organisation. What kind of mother would simply write complaint letters regarding her son’s alleged abuse?

Another very disturbing fact about Diana Scott is that she allowed Ex-Devotees to use her former name of “Diane Payne” to promote their dishonest and factually inaccurate response pertaining to Alaya Rahm’s failed and self-dismissed lawsuit against the Sathya Sai Baba Society Of America.

Although Gerald Joe Moreno personally emailed Diane Scott regarding her alleged involvement in Alaya Rahm’s lawsuit, she adamantly refused to respond.

About Diane Scott (aka “Diane Payne”) Ex-Devotees said:

Among others ready to testify to the court was the former Mrs Diane Payne – USA. Hislop mentioned her in the letters he wanted kept secret that describe her having written to him alleging Sai Baba’s sexual abuse of her then teenage son in the 1970’s. Her child was then a student at Sai Baba’s College at Whitefield, near Bangalore.

Needless to say, Diane Scott (aka “Diane Payne”) was never mentioned in official court records and no deposition was taken from her.

Ex-Devotees similarly claimed that Timothy Conway was “another strong witness standing by” to testify in Alaya Rahm’s case. When Gerald Joe Moreno directly questioned Timothy Conway about Ex-Devotee’s dubious claim, Conway replied:

Timothy Conway: NO, i was never called as a witness, and was never asked to submit a deposition on his behalf…In any case, Al never asked me for any help in this matter. (Ref)

Since Diane Scott’s name was never mentioned in official court records, Ex-Devotee’s use of her name is dishonest and fraudulent. Diane Scott has indirectly allowed and supported Ex-Devotee’s dishonesty and fraudulence by refusing to disassociate herself from their propaganda.

Terry Lee Scott & Diane Scott – In Conclusion

Therefore, it is Moreno’s personal opinion that Terry Lee Scott & Diane Scott’s allegations against Sathya Sai Baba are heavily mottled with dishonesty, vindictiveness and deceit. Since Ex-Devotee’s have widely and pervasively used the names of Terry Lee Scott and Diane Scott to support their smear campaigns against Sathya Sai Baba, Moreno believes it is only fair that the former and current names of Diana Scott (aka Diane Scott aka Diana Payne aka Diane Payne) be revealed. After all, Ex-Devotee’s can often be seen gnashing their teeth about using real names (although many of them used anonymous intenet nics).


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