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Alleged Sexual Molestation Victim Of Sai Baba Comes Forward With A Shocking Revelation

Posted on: December 23, 2009

Alleged Sexual Molestation Victim Of Sai Baba Comes Forward With A Shocking Revelation

Ex-Devotee’s of Sathya Sai Baba, (particularly Robert Priddy, Barry Pittard, Brian Steel, Conny Larsson, Timothy Conway, Alan Kazlez and Sanjay Dadlani) are in complete denial about the allegations against Sathya Sai Baba and continue to babble incessently about “sexual abuse” despite the fact that no one has yet to file a basic police complaint, court case or public grievance in India against Sathya Sai Baba. Despite these irrefutable facts Ex-Devotees continually demand legal investigations be made against the Sathya Sai Organization although no legal complaints have ever been filed against the Sathya Sai Organization by any alleged “victim” or by any alleged “victim’s” mother or father!

Ex-Devotees laughable and ridiculous legal demands are akin to accusing a person of theft based on internet complaints, demanding that the thief be punished although there are no basic police complaints or court cases alleging theft! If anyone should have legal investigations brought against them, the legal investigations should be brought against the mothers and fathers of alleged victims who have all (without exception) ignored and dismissed the alleged molestations of their children! When parents have not sought legal action against the Sathya Sai Organization, who do Ex-Devotee’s think they are to be demanding legal action?

Alleged ‘Sexual Molestation’ Victim Claims He Was NOT Molested!

Robert C. Priddy (a caustic critic and defamer of Sathya Sai Baba and others) is a pathological liar of the worst order who cannot be trusted to tell the truth. The same holds true for Ex-Devotees who adamantly refuse to disassociate themselves from Robert Priddy’s malicious defamation campaigns. Robert Priddy has openly libeled Gerald Joe Moreno as being “molested sexually” by Sathya Sai Baba.

Gerald Joe Moreno (one of the alleged and so-called “sexual molestation victims” of Sathya Sai Baba) has courageously come forward and PUBLICLY DENIED that he was “molested sexually” by the Guru. At no time did Moreno ever imply or suggest that he was “molested sexually” by Sathya Sai Baba. When Ex-Devotees lie about and libel Gerald Moreno as being “molested sexually” by Sathya Sai Baba, what does this say about Ex-Devotee”s self-professed “integrity” and “crediblity”? Ex-Devotees are obviously a small and vocal group of fanatics in pathological denial who thrive on self-imagined, self-created and homoerotic conspiracy theories not rooted in fact.

The Failed Court Case Against The Sathya Sai Baba Society Of America

It is amusing to note that Robert Priddy said the following on his Anti-Baba blog:

Robert Priddy: If such a trial were to occur, the full facts and testimonials – and affidavits which are still held – would come to light, and witnesses claiming they were abused by him could then stand forth under foreign ambassadorial protection. Of course, he would have to try to prosecute those who testified against him in their own countries, which would give him and his organization media coverage they evidently cannot risk and also considerable legal difficulties.

Needless to say, such a trail was set to go to court in California in the USA via Alaya Rahm vs the Sathya Sai Baba Society of America. The end result?

  • Alaya Rahm self dismissed his own lawsuit with prejudice.
  • Not even one alleged victim was named as a witness on behalf of Alaya Rahm.
  • Not even one deposition was taken on behalf of Alaya Rahm.
  • Not even one “affidavit” was submitted into evidence on behalf of Alaya Rahm.
  • Not even one “testimonial” was submitted into evidence on behalf of Alaya Rham.

In “Response To Form Interrogatories” in Alaya Rahm’s self-dismissed lawsuit against the Sathya Sai Baba Society (Form Interrogatory No. 6.3, Set One) Alaya Rahm fully admitted that he had been a daily user of illegal street drugs and alcohol from 1995 – 2005. Consequently, during Alaya Rahm’s “Divine Downfall” and India Today Anti-Sai interviews and during the filming of the BBC Documentary “Secret Swami” and the “Seduced By Sai Baba” Danish Documentary, Alaya Rahm was under the influence of illegal street drugs and alcohol while relating his alleged sexual encounters with Sathya Sai Baba. This crucial information wholly undermines Alaya Rahm’s credibility and irreparably compromises the integrity of his claims. Needless to say, Alaya Rahm’s alcoholism and drug addiction have been purposely suppressed from the general public by Anti-Sai Activists, the Rahm Family and the media (Ref).

Supporting Alaya Rahm’s involvement with illegal street drugs and drug addicts is a secondary court case in November 2007 where Alaya Rahm testified on behalf of his friend Valdez T Woods who was arrested and convicted for possession of crack cocaine and marijuana with the intent to deliver (PDF Reference). As a matter of fact, Valdez T Woods was arrested within a mile of Alaya Rahm’s then current residence (as revealed in official court records). Alaya Rahm was identified as a “friend and associate” of drug dealer and drug addict Valdez T Woods.

These are irrefutable facts supported by official court records. Robert Priddy, on the other hand, cannot source his arguments to any official court records or to any legal documentation whatsoever. Robert C. Priddy not only acts as a proxy spokesperson for alleged victims, he also acts as a “proxy guardian” because alleged victim’s mothers and fathers have all (without exception) failed in their moral, ethical and legal duties by ignoring the alleged molestations of their children. The reason why Robert C. Priddy does not shut up is because if he did, the silence would be deafening because no one else besides critics are making all the fuss.

Robert C. Priddy and Ex-Devotees need to shut up and let the alleged victims and their mothers and fathers talk for themselves. The fact that alleged victims and their mothers and fathers are not talking strongly suggests that Sathya Sai Baba did nothing wrong. Robert C. Priddy and Ex-Devotees should take their gripes to the parents of alleged victims and should be castigating them for ignoring their children’s alleged molestations.

Concluding Statement: Robert Priddy The Con Artist

Needless to say, LSD advocate Robert Priddy has a long and established history of distortions, lies, defamations and libels.

Of course, none of these things are surprising considering that Robert Priddy is an LSD Advocate who is thoroughly obsessed with genital oilings and who relishes projecting his homoerotic fantasies onto Moreno. Robert Priddy is allied with Bisexual & Psychic Trance Medium Conny Larsson and Child Porn Purveyor RFJ Sandt and Perverted Fetishist Sanjay Dadlani. Robert Priddy is also a staunch promoter of New Age Advocate & Reincarnator Alan Kazlev and Guru & UFO Promoter Timothy Conway (who actually believes that Sathya Sai Baba may have molested alleged victims like aliens are alleged to do through abductions!).

The only people guilty of running “massive disinformation and cover-up campaigns” are Robert Priddy and Ex-Devotees who have attacked hundreds of Sai Devotees & Non-Devotees alike and who have created hundreds of webpages to defame, libel and smear Gerald Joe Moreno. What more can one do but laugh at loud at Robert Priddy and his hypocritical finger-pointing?


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