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Daniel Shaw And ‘Shadow of the Guru’ Website

Posted on: April 26, 2010

Daniel Shaw And ‘Shadow of the Guru’ Website

Visit the Shadows of the Guru Busters blog provided the following public domain information about psychoanalyst and psychotherapist Daniel Shaw (aka “Dan Shaw”):

Dan Shaw, C.S.W.
Psychotherapy and Psychoanalysis
850 Seventh Avenue, Suite 906
New York, New York 10019
Tel./ Fax.: (212) 581-6658
152 Main Street, Nyack, New York 10960
Tel.: (845) 548-2561

Works with former members of cults and cultic groups, and friends and families of cult members.

His work in this area is connected to theories of malignant or pathological narcissism, and he has a special interest in working with those who have exited or who are exiting from destructive relationships with abusive teachers, partners, and significant others.

He is an allied professional member of the Division of Psychoanalysis (39) of the American Psychological Association; faculty and clinical supervisor at and certified in adult psychoanalysis and psychotherapy by The National Institute for the Psychotherapies (NIP) in New York City; co-chair of the Education Committee of the International Association for Relational Psychoanalysis and Psychotherapy (IARPP).

Read his essay, “Traumatic Abuse in Cults” completely free. (Text ReferenceScreencap Reference)

Daniel Shaw received his Masters Degree in Social Work from Yeshiva University, New York, in 1996. He was certified as a Psychoanalyst in 2000 after completing the four year training program at The National Institute for the Psychotherapies (NIP), in New York City. Dan Shaw worked as a professional actor before joining the Siddha Yoga movement and is currently an ex-devotee of Gurumayi Chidvilasananda. Daniel Shaw was active in the SYDA movement from 1981 – 1994, taking on the spiritual name of “Sureshwar”. Daniel Shaw is the webmaster and registrant for the domain (Screencap Reference).

On April 20th 2010, Daniel Shaw was sent an email asking him what his personal views were regarding ex-cult and/or anti-cult members who profess being worshippers of Shakti (often in the fiercer forms, like Kali or Hecate) and who claim to be occultists, New Agers, psychics, tarot card readers, reiki masters and the like.

Daniel Shaw replied the same day but did not answer the questions. Rather, he said, “maybe you could introduce yourself to me and let me know a little about you before I answer your inquiry? It helps to know whom I’m speaking to and what prompts your question.”

Therefore, the following email was sent to Daniel Shaw on April 20th 2010:

Dear Daniel Shaw,

My name is Joe Moreno and I am the webmaster for, a website that exposes the lies, deceit and dishonesty of critics of Sathya Sai Baba.

I stumbled upon the website (and associated YouTube video) and was surprised to find that Barry Pittard (an ex-devotee of Sathya Sai Baba) was dishonestly described as a “Professor”. To Date: Barry Pittard has never divulged any alleged credentials he may possess that would entitle him the status of “Professor”. Barry Pittard allegedly taught at Sathya Sai Baba’s college before it became a prestigious University and he was not required to have credentials to teach English there (the institute was actually a separate entity prior to the creation of the highly recognized and prestigious Sri Sathya Sai Institute of Higher Learning in 1981). Barry Pittard is the same person who has openly promoted, endorsed and linked to Robert Priddy’s falsified and fraudulent “sexual molestation” libels against me (which falsely and maliciously claim that I was sexually abused by Sathya Sai Baba – I most certainly was not!).

As a result of’s public endorsement and promotion of a man (i.e., Pittard) who publicly promotes defamatory and libelous information against me and others on the internet, I have decided to write some articles pertaining to the website, in which you feature prominently.

Cursory research has shown that Joan Radha Bridges is into the sexual aspect of Goth, is a Tarot Card Reader, a self-professed Psychic, a self-professed Reiki practitioner, a “Lover of Hecate”, a Kali worshipper, a practitioner of Tantra, a self-professed Goddess (even taking on one of the names of Hecate as her own) and is into graphic lesbian & sexual and erotic Shiva-Shakti imagery.

Joan Radha Bridges’ husband (Mercer Truett Bridges) actually had his physicians license revoked due to his chemical dependency on fetanyl from 1997 – 2000. After Dr. Bridges’ successfully completed his probation period (with a termination for probation being authorized in December 2000), he (for reasons yet undisclosed) voluntarily surrendered his physicians license in February 2005 (an extreme step that a doctor would not normally take unless there was sufficient cause for him to do so).

Jade Sol Luna is openly associated with Satanists and has made various recordings were Hades, Infernal Gods and Lucifer are invoked in ritualistic chants. Jade Sol Luna is a self-professed psychic, astrologer, follower of Hecate (the Dark Goddess), a preacher of “shadow” paths, a preacher of “left-handed” paths, a preacher of “dark” paths, is an “Avatar Meher Baba” devotee, an admirer of Aghora Baba, an admirer of Ramakrishna, a Wiccan, into Tantra, a person who claims to “energize” malas by using planetary hymns and a person who worshipped Joan Radha Bridges’ Goddess statue in Atlanta.

Therefore, I am naturally intrigued: Why are you affiliating yourself with these people on the website when you publicly present yourself as a rational, logical and professional voice against cults and cultic beliefs? It would appear that your public views are in conflict with your private ones.

I wonder what the general public will think when they get this public domain information that has been purposely suppressed and omitted on the website and associated YouTube & Vimeo videos.

Looking forward to your answers.


Joe Moreno

Needless to say, Daniel Shaw did not reply to this email. Why not?

Dan Shaw, Joan R. Bridges & Shadow of the Guru

Dan Shaw is directly associated with the Shadow of the Guru website and related “anti-cult” documentary. See for yourself:

Various quotes from Dan Shaw were published in the Shadow of the Guru YouTube Trailer and Dan Shaw has widely endorsed and promoted Joan Radha Bridges on his domain (Ref). Shadow of the Guru is the name for an “anti-cult” website and “anti-cult” documentary owned by “CEO” Joan Radha Bridges (a self-professed psychic, reiki master, Goddess and tantra practitioner who is into kinky, sexual, provocative, fetish, lesbian, Goth and Shiva Shakti imagery).

Joan Radha Bridges is also strongly partnered with Jade Sol Luna, a man who is closely allied with satanists, occultists, witches, psychics, tarot card readers and Goth priests. For example, on Jade Sol Luna’s “Masters Of Invocation” CD (View MySpace Page), the tracks are:

  1. BBTN – Intro 3:47
  2. Raven Digitalis – Hades Invocation 4:38
  3. Matthew James – Temple of Sokar 6:43
  4. Helene Delcroix – Call to Lucifer (Latin)2:15
  5. Jade Sol Luna – New Moon Invocation 4:35
  6. Venus Satanas – Invocation to the Infernal Ones 4:37
  7. Kindra RavenMoon – Call to Lilith 3:46
  8. Raven Digitalis – Set Invocation 3:29
  9. Jana – Queen of the Crossroads 3:51
  10. Matthew James – Sokar Invocation 4:06
  11. Helene Delcroix – Call to Lucifer (French)4:06
  12. Kindra RavenMoon – Dark God Invocation 2:06
  13. Jade Sol Luna – The Goat of Passion 3:42
  14. Raven Digitalis – Hades Invocation- Club Mix 4:36
  15. Kindra RavenMoon – Call to Lillith- Club Mix 3:42

On the “Masters Of Invocation” CD, Jade Sol Luna worked with Raven Digitalis, Helene Delcroix, Venus Satanas and Kindra Ravenmoon. Who are these people?

  • Helene Delcroix (View MySpace Page) is a self-professed wiccan, satanist, clairvoyant, psychic, astrologer, tarot card reader, black magician, fortune teller and parapsychologist.
  • Raven Digitalis (View WebSite) is a self-professed witch, pagan priest, wiccan, Goth, author, DJ, artisan, empath, tarot card reader and spiritual counselor who offers divination services, public rituals, handfasting, blessings, guided meditations, healing work, chakra alignment, exorcisms and herbal crafts.
  • Venus Satanas (View WebSiteView Psychic WebSiteView Blog) is a self-professed satanist, wiccan, tarot card reader, seller of satanic ritual items and psychic who claims she can pronounce curses and summon infernal deities.
  • Kindra Ravenmoon (View MySpaceView WebSite) is a satanist, demoness, dark arts alternative model, independent horror film actress, music journalist, musician, writer, Goth and witch.

Joan Radha Bridges is so devoted to Jade Sol Luna’s dark philosophy, she actually hosted a seminar for him in her house in Atlanta and allowed him to worship her Goddess statue there. On Joan Radha Bridges’ MySpace page (which is now set to private), she referred to Jade Sol Luna as her “teacher” and claims to follow the dark path of “La Sera”, which means “The Left Hand of Wicca”. Jade Sol Luna made a CD entitled “La Sera” and his visual depiction for that path is clearly Satanic (Picture Reference).

La Sera is based on what Jade Sol Luna calls “Nirrtibhava Tantra” (Nirrti being the Hindu Goddess of death and corruption) that is associated with the fierce Goddess Kalika Devi. Even more disturbing are pictures of Joan Radha Bridges engaged in tantric meditation while holding a human skull in her hands (Pic Link)! Jade Sol Luna also figures prominently on Joan Radha Bridges’ Shadow of the Guru website and associated YouTube trailer. See for yourself:

These are the type of people that “cult expert” Daniel Shaw endorses, promotes and associates himself with! Daniel Shaw, LCSW, would have us believe that it is wrong to believe in Gurus, but that it is OKAY to believe in and trust “anti-cult” activists like Joan Radha Bridges and Jade Sol Luna who advocate for Satan, Lucifer, Goth, Wicca, tarot, psychics, reiki, astrology, dark magic, left-hand paths, Goddess statues and Goddess cults. Shocking!

Despite being a professional in “theories of malignant or pathological narcissism” Daniel Shaw can’t see malignant or pathological narcissim when it’s right there in front of his face. If we are to believe Daniel Shaw, we must believe that “Goddess” Joan Radha Bridges does not suffer from pathological narcissism, but Gurus making that exact claim do.

Now it is understandable why Daniel Shaw did not answer the email. What kind of excuses and justifications can we expect from Dan Shaw, LCSW? Updates will be forthcoming.

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