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Jade Sol Luna And ‘Shadow of the Guru’ Website

Posted on: April 26, 2010

Jade Sol Luna And ‘Shadow of the Guru’ Website

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Jade Sol Luna (Pic Link) is prominently featured on the Shadow of the Guru website (and associated YouTube trailer video) and is cited as an authority against cults and gurus.

Jade Sol Luna is a self-professed: 1) psychic; 2) astrologer for Hollywood’s power brokers (making you “donate” between $75 to $625 for readings); 3) pagan; 4) wiccan; 5) dark magician, 6) devotee of Hecate (a Greco-Roman Goddess associated with ghosts, witchcraft, magic, witches, necromancy, snakes, graveyards, curses and the underworld); 7) teacher of “shadow” paths; 8) teacher of “left-handed” paths; 9) teacher of “dark / night ” paths; 10) devotee of “Avatar Meher Baba”; 11) admirer of Ramakrishna; 12) admirer of Aghora Baba; 13) practitioner and teacher of “tantra”; 14) President of La Luna Sera (a non-existent business corporation that apparently affords him an income of $100,000 to $150,000 per year – “La Sera” means “the left hand of Wicca”); 15) Brahman Priest, 16) musician; 17) former band member in a rock group called “Kill The Gods”; 18) energizer of malas by using planetary hymns; 19) author; 20) mystic; and 21) self-realized spiritual teacher.

Shadows Galore – The Dark Side Of Jade Sol Luna

Jade Sol Luna (also known as “Jade Silvano Luna”, “Jyoti Chandrananda” and “Chandra Shankar”) is closely allied with satanists, occultists, witches, psychics, tarot card readers and goth priests. For example, on Jade Sol Luna’s “Masters Of Invocation” CD (View MySpace Page), the tracks are:

  1. BBTN – Intro 3:47
  2. Raven Digitalis – Hades Invocation 4:38
  3. Matthew James – Temple of Sokar 6:43
  4. Helene Delcroix – Call to Lucifer (Latin)2:15
  5. Jade Sol Luna – New Moon Invocation 4:35
  6. Venus Satanas – Invocation to the Infernal Ones 4:37
  7. Kindra RavenMoon – Call to Lilith 3:46
  8. Raven Digitalis – Set Invocation 3:29
  9. Jana – Queen of the Crossroads 3:51
  10. Matthew James – Sokar Invocation 4:06
  11. Helene Delcroix – Call to Lucifer (French)4:06
  12. Kindra RavenMoon – Dark God Invocation 2:06
  13. Jade Sol Luna – The Goat of Passion 3:42
  14. Raven Digitalis – Hades Invocation- Club Mix 4:36
  15. Kindra RavenMoon – Call to Lillith- Club Mix 3:42

On the “Masters Of Invocation” CD, Jade Sol Luna worked with Raven Digitalis, Helene Delcroix, Venus Satanas and Kindra Ravenmoon. Who are these people?

  • Helene Delcroix (View MySpace Page) is a self-professed wiccan, satanist, clairvoyant, psychic, astrologer, tarot card reader, black magician, fortune teller and parapsychologist.
  • Raven Digitalis (View WebSite) is a self-professed witch, pagan priest, wiccan, goth, author, DJ, artisan, empath, tarot card reader and spiritual counselor who offers divination services, public rituals, handfasting, blessings, guided meditations, healing work, chakra alignment, exorcisms and herbal crafts.
  • Venus Satanas (View WebSiteView Psychic WebSiteView Blog) is a self-professed satanist, wiccan, tarot card reader, seller of satanic ritual items and psychic who claims she can pronounce curses and summon infernal deities.
  • Kindra Ravenmoon (View MySpaceView WebSite) is a satanist, demoness, dark arts alternative model, independent horror film actress, music journalist, musician, writer, goth and witch.

On the spiritual satanist blog, Venus Satanas said the following about Jade Sol Luna’s “Masters Of Invocation” CD:

Venus Satanas: “I have something very special for you – I was invited by Jade Luna, and Devonia of Legatus Records to record a track for their upcoming CD release, titled ‘Masters of Invocation’. The style of music for this project is labeled as ‘Dark Ambient’. It is music that is appropriate for the ritual chamber. According to Pagan Radio network, this is ‘Truly original and unique devotional Neo-Pagan music!’

If you visit the Myspace page for ‘Jade Sol Luna Music’ you can hear the contributing artists, Jade Luna, Raven Digitalis, and Helene DelCroix. My favorite track in their playlist is an amazing chanted invocation of Hecate.

According to Jade Luna, ‘The people I chose for the CD all have a deep practice in what they do’. Jade said that those who are involved with this project are ‘people from Various left handed paths invoking deities of the underworld.’

I was honored when they invited me to contribute to their new CD, ‘Masters of Invocation’. I agreed and I recorded a ritual invocation for this CD a few months later. This was recorded during a personal ritual where I lit a gold candle [Sol] that was representative of ‘power’ while I chanted four specific Infernal names as an invocation. While I did this, I envisioned my voice reaching all around the world to help others discover and connect with Satanism, to inspire others to find their own ‘power’ within!” (Text ReferenceScreencap Reference)

Venus Satanas also claimed that “bizarre miracles” manifested at Jade Sol Luna’s seminars, which allegedly involved crows lining up outside the window of the seminar building and a lightning storm occurring only over the place where the seminar was being held (Ref).

Jade Sol Luna (a fanatic devotee of Hecate) also loves to reference the following Hecate Invocation from 220 BC:

“O Nether and Nocturnal, and Infernal, Goddess of Dark, Quiet and Frightful One, O You who have Your Meal amid the Graves, Night, Darkness, Broad Chaos: Necessity Hard to escape are You; You’re Moira and Erinys, Torment, Justice and Destroyer, And You keep Kerberos in Chains, with Scales Of Serpents are You dark, O You with Hair Of Serpents, Serpent-girded, who drink Blood, Who bring Death and Destruction, and who feast On Hearts, Flesh Eater, who devour Those Dead Untimely, and You who make Grief resound And spread Madness, come to my Sacrifices, And now for me do You fulfill this Matter.”

Even more disturbing are Jade Sol Luna’s satanic CD art, pictures of his Dark Goddess altar in his house (the goddess apparently prefers to be a blonde), a picture of Jade holding a human skull and a picture of Jade meditating in a cemetary on some sort of demon cloth (Screencap Reference):

Furthermore, Jade Sol Luna dressed in a long, black robe and officiated as the head priest in some sort of wiccan / satantic / pagan ritual (as evidenced by the people sitting in a chair within a pentagram, encircled with candles and other ritual items). Screencap Reference.

IMPORANT: About The Pictures In This Article:
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6. Proprietary Rights in Content on Photobucket.

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The relevant PhotoBucket links are: 010203040506070809101112 (all publicly available at the time of publication). These images were found in part by this image search.

One cannot help to wonder if the human skulls that Jade Sol Luna possesses have been cleared with the police or FBI. Where exactly did Jade Sol Luna obtain his human skulls from?

Books & CDs By Jade Sol Luna

Strange enough, Jade Sol Luna reviewed his own books and CDs under his lesser known name of “Jyoti Chandrananda” (Ref)!


  • Hecate II: The Awakening of Hydra
  • Hecate: Death, Transition and Spiritual Mastery


  • Scorpio Invocation
  • Queen of the Crossroads
  • Zodiac Hymns
  • Silver Moon, Black Sun
  • Prakriti Vidya
  • Aghori Kali – The Ambient Journey of a Skull Girl
  • Embracing Goddess as Destroyer
  • Masters of Invocation

Jade Sol Luna – In Conclusion

This is the type of person that the Shadow of the Guru film and SotG website advocates for and expects others to blindly accept as an authority on cults and gurus!

Why would an “anti-cult” film cite Jade Luna (of all people) as an authority on cults and gurus in the first place? Jade Luna and Joan Radha Bridges (the creator of the Shadow of the Guru documentary and an alleged sexual molestation victim of Swami Muktananda) are very good friends. As a matter of fact, Joan Radha Bridges hosted a seminar for Jade Sol Luna in her house in Atlanta and allowed Jade to worship her Goddess statue there. As it turns out, Joan Radha Bridges has her own Goddess statue (very similar to the one owned by Jade Luna) that is made in her exact likeness because it appears that Joan thinks she is a Goddess (which might explain why she wore a huge, red bindi on her forehead during the filming of the Shadow of the Guru trailer)!

One could certainly make the case that Jade Sol Luna is very cultish, engages in cultish practices & rituals and advocates for cultish beliefs. The followers of the Dark Goddess that Jade Sol Luna worships (and for whom he created an entire altar, replete with a four and half foot tall statue) were typically described as belonging to the “Hecate Cult” or the “Cult of Hecate”.

The Shadow of the Guru trailer and website would have us believe that it is wrong to believe in Gurus, but it is OKAY to believe in Satan, Lucifer, wicca, tarot card readers, psychics, reiki practitioners, astrologers, dark magicians, Goddess statues and Goddess cults. Shocking!

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Hey, I am on thatt Masters of Invocation cd too, Jade knows what he is talking about in every aspect that was mentioned here! I know this man on a personal basis and you can be assured that he is of the best quality among our communities and cultures!

Dear Matthew James,

Thank you for your comment. The reason this article was written was to provide additional information about Jade Sol Luna as an “anti-cult” activist on the Shadow of the Guru website. This article was not meant or intended to belittle or criticize his beliefs (as many people are too intolerant or afraid to understand many subtleties relating to occult practices and rituals). The main thrust to this article is to highlight the fact that many “anti-cult” activists (many who tend to be fundamentalist and evangelical Christians) would possibly consider Jade Sol Luna as belonging to a cult, being a cult leader and worse. Don’t you find a bit odd that Jade Sol Luna is taking an “anti-cult” position when you (and those who believe as you do) are often labeled as belonging to a cult?

I was not trying to say that you were belittleing him, just giving my opinion. Sorry for the misunderstanding.

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