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Joan Radha Bridges And ‘Shadow of the Guru’ Website

Posted on: April 26, 2010

Joan Radha Bridges And ‘Shadow of the Guru’ Website

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Joan ‘Radha’ Bridges (Pic Link) is the “CEO”, producer and owner of JoanRadha Inc., a “Motion Pictures and Film industry”. Joan Radha Bridges is the executive producer of an educational “Cult Abuse Documentary Film Series, encompassing multiple intimate interviews of prominent cult abuse survivors.” Joan Radha Bridges is the owner of the domain and producer of the “anti-cult” film documentary “Shadow of the Guru”.

Joan Radha Bridges is an ex-devotee of both Swami Muktananda and Gurumayi Chidvilasananda. Joan R. Bridges now alleges that Swami Muktananda “raped” her (one year before his death) in 1981 when she was 26 years old and when the swami was 73 years old and impotent. Despite her alleged “rape” in 1981, Joan Radha Bridges stayed in the SYDA movement until 2002 (twenty one years after the alleged incident and twenty years after the swami died).

Joan Radha Bridges released what appeared to be compelling stories of alleged abuse through various internet forums under the name “Radha” and “radha30327”. Compelling, that is, until now.

Joan Radha Bridges’ MySpace Page

Joan Radha Bridges’ MySpace page gave a revealing (perhaps too much so) look at her beliefs, preferences, sexuality and personality. Joan Radha Bridges is openly into Goth, provocative, sexual, lesbian, fetish and Shiva-Shakti imagery. See for yourself:

Joan Radha MySpace Page 01
Joan Radha MySpace Page 02
Joan Radha MySpace Page 03
Joan Radha MySpace Page 04
Joan Radha MySpace Page 05
Joan Radha MySpace Page 06
Joan Radha MySpace Page 07
Joan Radha MySpace Page 08
Joan Radha MySpace Page 09

On April 21st 2010, a link to this blog was sent to Joan Radha Bridges and she immediately began to cover her tracks and promptly set her Facebook and MySpace pages to “private” (Refs: 0102). Apparently, Joan Radha Bridges thinks her MySpace page is a liability to her credibility (Screencap Reference).

The comments section on Joan Radha Bridges’ MySpace page was chock-full of provocative, sexual, fetish and animated lesbian imagery mostly submitted by AllyKat4u (subsequently set to private) and JeffBKent (subsequently set to private). Therefore, the comment section to Joan Radha Bridges’ MySpace page will not be duplicated here. However, a thumbprint layout to the images published on Bridges’ MySpace page has been saved for referencing purposes (Screencap Reference):

A sampling of AllyKat4u’s lesbian imagery can be seen here. A few examples of AllyKat4u’s lesbian images that were made exclusively for Joan Radha Bridges can be seen at: 010203040506070809101112 (these images were available at the time of publication). Notice how the image folder was named “Joan Radha Bridges” (Screencap Reference).

Joan Radha Bridges was well aware that these lesbian images were published in her comments section and she left them there for all to see and enjoy! Anyone wishing to obtain a full download to Joan Radha Bridges’ former & public MySpace page can request it through the contact link provided on the side menu (anonymous requests with anonymous emails will not be honored).

Is Joan Radha Bridges A Goddess?

On Joan Radha Bridges’ MySpace page, the following comments were made (Screencap Reference):

Arachno Folies: Hello beautiful Enodia, thanks for the add. I love your world. Have a great and magic day. Kisses – Yves from France

Den: Thank you for the add, and for being a wonderful hostess during Jade’s Destroyer Goddess lecture. I look forward to visiting again next time such an opportunity presents. Your Goddess representation is most Illuminating.

Jeff Kent-Musical Journalist/Lyrics/Music Producer: FETISH FANTASIES FOR THE GODDESS (which was attached to a slide show that contained about 20 hard-core lesbian images)

Jade Sol Luna: How was your weekend Enodia?

Jade Sol Luna: I loved worshipping your statue in Atlanta!! Welcome :)

On a book review for Jade Sol Luna’s Hecate I: Death, Transition and Spiritual Mastery, the following comments were made:

Blanca Diaz:…“Hecate is Enodia keeper of keys to the underworld/unconscious and it is SHE who can move you through the 6 shadows of the Heart Chakra that block the path towards enlightenment…If you are seeking this kind of path then what Jade has to say will probably scare or offend you.”…(Reference)

Joan Radha Rivers: “Being a lover of Hecate, I was so excited when i heard Jade Sl Luna was coming out with the first real book on Hecate. This book has the power to transform. To read this book is to know Hecate. Thank you Jade” (Reference)

Therefore, it can be abundantly evidenced that Joan Radha Bridges uses the Goddess name “Enodia” and is known by the Goddess name “Enodia”. Joan Bridges also referred to herself as a “lover” of the Dark Goddess “Hecate” (who is also known as “Enodia”). Jeff Kent offered a hard-core, fetish and lesbian slide show to Joan Radha Bridges and referred to her as a “Goddess”. AllyKat4u made several comments on Joan & Jeff’s MySpace page that implied they spent time together:

AllyKat4u: Wishing you and Joan a wonderful Easter weekend Jeff. Love as always, Ally xo

I hope that you guys will have a wonderful celebration together today. Love Ally xo

Wishing you and Jeff and fantastic Easter weekend together you, Ally xo smak!

I hope that Jeff’s your Christmas was filled with the magic of the holiday season..and that all of your dreams came true. Thank you for the presious gift of friendship…Love ya both…kissez..and huggz Ally (Reference)

On This Page, a person claimed that Jeff Kent is helping Joan Roach Bridges produce her Shadow of the Guru film. Jeffrey Kent also spent time in September 2009 with Joan Bridges in Georgia and they even posed for pictures and made a video together! See for yourself.

Therefore, Jeff Kent knew exactly what he was doing and saying when he called Joan a “Goddess” and sent her lesbian erotica.

This brings us to the Goddess statue that Jade Sol Luna said he enjoyed worshipping in Atlanta and about which Den said “Your Goddess representation is most Illuminating.” During Jade Sol Luna’s “Destroyer Goddess” seminar (which was held at Joan Radha Bridges’ home in Atlanta), pictures of the event were taken and published on Jade Sol Luna’s PhotoBucket account. The pictures of Joan Radha Bridges’ Goddess Statue are very disturbing, eerie, bizarre and cultish (Screencap Reference).

As one can see, Joan Radha Bridges has a winged Goddess statue that was made in her exact likeness! Surrounding the Goddess are skulls, snakes, crystals, candles and what appear to be ritualistic items. How weird is that? It would appear that Joan Radha Bridges really does think she is a Goddess. This might also explain why Joan Radha Bridges wore a huge, red bindi on her forehead during the filming of the Shadow of the Guru trailer on YouTube!

Joan Radha Bridges Practices Tantra:

Joan Radha Bridges has made several interesting comments about “tantra”:

Joan Radha Bridges:…“I myself practice a form of tantra (that is what siddha yoga is, unfortunately SY is a lot of black tantra) that harms no one”… (Reference)

Joan Radha Bridges:…“The teachings are nothing new , but very valid teachings from the ancient Tantras of India , you can practice on your own as you seem to be anyway. S claims to own something that is free to all. You can receive the blessings of God within, don’t go looking for someone outside of yourself, there is so much available in the subtle world, just be persistent”… (Reference)

Joan Radha Bridges: “I know you can’t learn tantra from a book. Books are just someones minds, but the ancients texts make sense out of direct experince. As you just said about the book you recommneded below I also practice Tantra. I have had a great teacher, but I am clear I don’t need a ‘guru’.” (Reference)

Combining the quotes above with the provocative, sexual, fetish and lesbian content on Joan Radha Bridges’ MySpace page and her cultish Goddess beliefs, one can only guess what kind of “tantra” she’s really into.

Joan Bridges, Black Tantra & Jade Sol Luna:

As they say, a picture is worth a thousand words. WHY is Joan Radha Bridges meditating with a human skull in her hands (Pic Link)? One cannot help to wonder if the human skulls that Joan Radha Bridges possesses have been cleared with the police or FBI. Where exactly did Joan Radha Bridges obtain her human skulls from?

In his book The encyclopedia of Tibetan symbols and motifs, Robert Beér had the following to say about tantric skulls:

“The skull of a murder or execution victim is believed to possess the greatest tantric power; the skull of one who has died from a violent or accidental death, or from a virulent illness, possesses a medium magical power; the skull of a person who died peacefully in old age has virtually no occult power. The skull of a child who died during the onset of puberty also has great potency, as do the skulls of miscegenated [sic] or misbegotten child of unknown paternity, born from the forbidden union of castes, out of wedlock, from sexual misdemeanor, or particularly from incest. The ‘misbegotten skull’ of a seven or eight-year-old child born from an incestuous union is considered to possess the greatest power in certain tantric rituals. Here the vital force or potential of the skull’s ‘previous owner’ is embodied within the bone as a spirit, rendering it as an effective power object for the performance of tantric rituals.”

Since Joan Radha Bridges admitted that she practices tantra, it would appear that she was attempting to stimulate her kundalini as black tantrists are alleged to do with human skulls.

Joan Radha Bridges is also strongly partnered with Jade Sol Luna, a man who is closely allied with satanists, occultists, witches, psychics, tarot card readers and Goth priests. For example, on Jade Sol Luna’s “Masters Of Invocation” CD (View MySpace Page), the tracks are:

  1. BBTN – Intro 3:47
  2. Raven Digitalis – Hades Invocation 4:38
  3. Matthew James – Temple of Sokar 6:43
  4. Helene Delcroix – Call to Lucifer (Latin)2:15
  5. Jade Sol Luna – New Moon Invocation 4:35
  6. Venus Satanas – Invocation to the Infernal Ones 4:37
  7. Kindra RavenMoon – Call to Lilith 3:46
  8. Raven Digitalis – Set Invocation 3:29
  9. Jana – Queen of the Crossroads 3:51
  10. Matthew James – Sokar Invocation 4:06
  11. Helene Delcroix – Call to Lucifer (French)4:06
  12. Kindra RavenMoon – Dark God Invocation 2:06
  13. Jade Sol Luna – The Goat of Passion 3:42
  14. Raven Digitalis – Hades Invocation- Club Mix 4:36
  15. Kindra RavenMoon – Call to Lillith- Club Mix 3:42

On the “Masters Of Invocation” CD, Jade Sol Luna worked with Raven Digitalis, Helene Delcroix, Venus Satanas and Kindra Ravenmoon. Who are these people?

  • Helene Delcroix (View MySpace Page) is a self-professed wiccan, satanist, clairvoyant, psychic, astrologer, tarot card reader, black magician, fortune teller and parapsychologist.
  • Raven Digitalis (View WebSite) is a self-professed witch, pagan priest, wiccan, Goth, author, DJ, artisan, empath, tarot card reader and spiritual counselor who offers divination services, public rituals, handfasting, blessings, guided meditations, healing work, chakra alignment, exorcisms and herbal crafts.
  • Venus Satanas (View WebSiteView Psychic WebSiteView Blog) is a self-professed satanist, wiccan, tarot card reader, seller of satanic ritual items and psychic who claims she can pronounce curses and summon infernal deities.
  • Kindra Ravenmoon (View MySpaceView WebSite) is a satanist, demoness, dark arts alternative model, independent horror film actress, music journalist, musician, writer, Goth and witch.

Joan Radha Bridges is so devoted to Jade Sol Luna’s dark philosophy, she actually hosted a seminar for him in her house in Atlanta and allowed him to worship her Goddess statue there. On Joan Radha Bridges’ MySpace page (which is now set to private), she referred to Jade Sol Luna as her “teacher” and claims to follow the dark path of “La Sera”, which means “The Left Hand of Wicca”. Jade Sol Luna made a CD entitled “La Sera” and his visual depiction for that path is clearly Satanic (Picture Reference).

La Sera is based on what Jade Sol Luna calls “Nirrtibhava Tantra” (Nirrti being the Hindu Goddess of death and corruption) that is associated with the fierce Goddess Kalika Devi. Like Joan Radha Bridges, Jade Sol Luna also has a penchant to meditate with skulls (see pic link here). Jade Sol Luna also figures prominently on Joan Radha Bridges’ Shadow of the Guru website and associated YouTube trailer. See for yourself:

Joan Radha Bridges – A Psychic Reader And Reiki Master:

Joan Radha Bridges described herself as a “Reiki Master since 1985” (Reference) and has solicited her psychic services on the internet (even divulging her phone number). This screencap documents Joan Radha Bridges’ advertisement to being a “Reiki master” who gives “readings” to individuals and groups (Reference).

Pictures Of Joan Radha Bridges Roach:

Important Notice About The Pictures In This Blogged Article:
All the pictures in this article showing Joan Radha Bridges’ holding a skull, Joan Radha Bridges’ Goddess altar and lesbian art under the “Joan Radha Bridges” folder were obtained from Jade Sol Luna and AllyKat2u’s PhotoBucket accounts “agorafoundation” and “allykat2u”. Under PhotoBucket’s terms and conditions, this blog is allowed to duplicate and disperse Jade Sol Luna and AllyKat2u’s PhotoBucket pictures. By posting these images on PhotoBucket, Jade Sol Luna and AllyKat2u have given permission for anyone to copy, save, print and use those pictures because PhotoBucket’s terms and conditions state (underline and bold emphasis added):

6. Proprietary Rights in Content on Photobucket.

  • 6.1 Photobucket does not claim any ownership rights in the text, files, images, photos, video, sounds, musical works, works of authorship, applications, or any other materials (collectively, “Content”) that you post on or through the Photobucket Services. By displaying or publishing (“posting”) any Content on or through the Photobucket Services, you hereby grant to Photobucket and other users a non-exclusive, fully paid and royalty-free, worldwide, limited license to use, modify, delete from, add to, publicly perform, publicly display, reproduce and translate such Content, including without limitation distributing part or all of the Site in any media formats through any media channels, except Content marked “private” will not be distributed outside the Photobucket Services. Photobucket and/or other Users may copy, print or display publicly available Content outside of the Photobucket Services, including without limitation, via the Site or third party websites or applications (for example, services allowing Users to order prints of Content or t-shirts and similar items containing Content). After you remove your Content from the Photobucket Website we will cease distribution as soon as practicable, and at such time when distribution ceases, the license to such Content will terminate. If after we have distributed your Content outside the Photobucket Website you change the Content’s privacy setting to “private,” we will cease any further distribution of such “private” Content outside the Photobucket Website as soon as practicable. (Reference)

Furthermore, anyone who posts his/her picture(s) on PhotoBucket is allowing internet users to email, IM, embed, hotlink, duplicate, save, transmit, tag, edit, enhance and print his/her picture(s). Besides providing codes to embed and hotlink to images, PhotoBucket allows users to duplicate images posted on their site to LiveJournal, Blogger, Twitter, FaceBook, Hi5, Friendster, Orkut, Tagged, my Yearbook, LiveSpaces, Bebo, Xanga, Multiply, iGoogle, BlackPlanet and MySpace.

The relevant PhotoBucket links from Jade Sol Luna are: 010203040506 (all publicly available at the time of publication). These images were found in part by this image search.

The relevant PhotoBucket links from AllyKat2u are: 010203040506070809101112 (all publicly available at the time of publication). These images were found in part by this image search.

Joan R. Bridges’ Husband: Mercer Truett Bridges Jr:

Joan Radha Bridges’ husband is Mercer Truett Bridges Jr (a former anesthesiologist from Atlanta, Georgia). On Joan Bridges’ bios page, she dishonestly described herself as being married to a “physician”. The Shadow of the Guru domain was purchased on April 14th 2008, a full three years after her husband voluntarily surrendered his physicians license (meaning he is no longer a physician). It is unclear why Joan Radha Bridges would purposely mislead readers with inaccurate information about her husband’s profession.

In 1987 Mercer Truett Bridges Jr used fetanyl (a DEA Schedule II narcotic whose biological effects are similar to those of heroin) for his own recreational use and was caught. As a result, he entered a drug treatment program for chemical dependency at the Impaired Health Professionals Program at Georgia Drug and Alcohol Associates, Smyrna, Georgia and was put on probation for five years. On November 5th 1992, Mercer Truett Bridges Jr successfully completed his probation period and the probation was terminated (View “Public Record Reference” Below).

In July 1995, Mercer Truett Bridges Jr was unable to administer anesthesia to a patient because he was chemically impaired due to fetanyl use and again entered into a drug treatment program at the Ridgeview Institute. On November 3rd 1995, the Composite Board of Medical Examiners suspended Mercer Truett Bridges Jr’s physicians license. On June 5th 1997, Mercer Truett Bridges Jr was allowed to practice medicine but under terms and conditions of probation. On December 8th 2000, Mercer Truett Bridges Jr successfully completed his probation period and the probation was terminated (View “Public Record Reference” Below).

For reasons yet unknown, Mercer Truett Bridges Jr “freely, knowingly and voluntarily” surrendered his physicians license (which has the same effect as a revocation of his license) to the Composite State Board of Medical Examiners in Georgia on January 25th 2005 (View “Public Record Reference” Below). Needless to say, physicians rarely surrender their licenses without adequate reason or cause and usually do so for reasons of impropriety.

On the Georgia Composite Medical Board website, type in the last name of “Bridges”, the license number of “032520”, the city of “Atlanta” and the provider type of “Physician”. Click the search button and you will get the following result:

032520 Vol Surrendered
ATLANTA , GA 30342
Issue Date: 12/07/1989
Expiration Date: 02/04/2005
Public Board Orders: View (PDF)

Mercer Truett Bridges Jr attempted to obtain a physicians license in Ohio in 2006 and he was denied based on the grounds that he is “chemically dependent”.


November 8, 2006: Dr. Robbins advised that on September 13, 2006, the Board issued a Notice of Opportunity for Hearing to Mercer Truett Bridges, Jr., M.D., based upon a series of disciplinary actions taken by the Georgia Composite State Board of Medical Examiners against Dr. Bridges’a medical license. Signed certified mail receipts were returned to the Medical Board documenting proper service of the notice. No hearing request has been received from Dr. Bridges and more than 30 days have elapsed since the mailing of the notice. The matter was before the Board for final disposition. Dr. Steinbergh noted that this is a case of chemical impairment and multiple relapses.


Dr. Robbins stated that he would now entertain discussion in the above matter. Dr. Steinbergh again stated that Dr. Bridges is chemically dependent and has had multiple relapses. He voluntarily surrendered his Georgia license in February 2005. There is a history of a number of consent orders, and so forth in Georgia. A vote was taken on Dr. Steinbergh’s motion: The motion carried.

Reference (PDF)

UPDATE: June 11th 2010: Joan Radha Bridges has subsequently disclosed that she divorced Mercer Truett Bridges Jr six years ago although she referred to him as her “husband” on her bios page, which states “During this period, she married a physician, began raising two children, which gave rise to certain material successes, including a ‘Holistic Clinic’ she and her husband formed together.” When Mercer Truett Bridges Jr was under probation for his chemical dependency issues, he created the Holistic Clinic East-West Medical in Atlanta, Georgia. It remains unclear why Joan Radha Bridges would refer to her ex-husband as her “husband” although she had already been divorced from him for four years when she created her Shadow of the Guru domain.

Joan Radha Bridges – In Conclusion

There is little doubt that Joan Radha Bridges has lost all credibility as an “anti-cult” spokesperson. Her ritualistic invocations of “cult abuse” are more literal than figurative. Joan Radha Bridges has no doubt been enabled and propped by psychoanalyst and psychotherapist Daniel Shaw (another “anti-cult” activist associated with Bridges’ Shadow of the Guru anti-cult film). Daniel Shaw unequivocally endorses, promotes and defends Joan Radha Bridges and Jade Sol Luna!

Joan Radha Bridges (the Shadow of the Guru CEO and Executive Producer) would have us believe that it is wrong to believe in Gurus, but it is OKAY to believe in Satan, Lucifer, wicca, tarot card readers, psychics, reiki practitioners, astrologers, dark magicians, Goddess statues and Goddess cults. Shocking!

But then again, Joan Radha Bridges thinks she is a Goddess and a Goddess can do whatever she wants – including pulling a bag over your head and meditating with your skull. Any takers?

Joan Radha Bridges has herself and Barry Pittard to thank for the creation of this blog. When Joan Radha Bridges was emailed with complaints about Barry Pittard, she decided to ignore the complaints. I bet she wish she hadn’t.

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