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Moreno Critic Kevin R.D. Shepherd Admits He Is NOT An Academic!

Ex-Devotees Take Note (underlined emphasis added by Moreno):
Kevin R.D. Shepherd: “The misconstruction imposed by web harassment takes extreme liberties with basic formats. Moreno even describes me as an alleged ‘academic’ author, which is flagrantly untrue. I have never described myself as an academic, as informed readers well know, and my own basic description of my career is completely ignored by the harasser. The role of a citizen philosopher is distinct from sectarian polemic, it may here be emphasised.”

Thank you, Kevin R.D. Shepherd!

Kevin Shepherd’s statement should set to rest Ex-Devotee’s misrepresentation of him as being an academic or scholar. He is neither. Rather, Kevin R.D. Shepherd is a sectarian bigot who obsessively, unremittingly and fanatically attacks and stalks everything and everyone affiliated with the Findhorn Foundation. Kevin R.D. Shepherd even goes to the extent of vanity self-publishing because respectable and notable publishers do not wish to be affiliated with his non-academic “sectarian polemic” publications and viewpoints.

Needless to say, Gerald Joe Moreno does not believe that Kevin R.D. Shepherd is an academic or scholar, which Moreno made abundantly clear on his webpages about Shepherd. Apparently, Ex-Devotees of Sathya Sai Baba need to take note as they constantly refer to Kevin R.D. Shepherd as a “scholar” whose writings are comparable to those of bona-fide academics.

Although Kevin R.D. Shepherd described himself as having “no academic role”, he praised his own writings as following “academic rules in citing sources to a greater extent than many academic philosophers” (a self-laudatory comment unsupported by other academic philosophers)!

Amusingly, Kevin R.D. Shepherd often points out other’s lack of academic credentials as something compromising their credibility, as he did with Craig Gibsone (a vocal member of the Findhorn Foundation) and others. If a lack of academic credentials is a negative, then Kevin R.D. Shepherd just shot himself in the foot! The only thing that trumps Kevin R.D. Shepherd’s non-academic role is his big ego.

Kevin R.D. Shepherd And The Wikipedia ArbCom Bans

In another Wikipedia related issue, Kevin R.D. Shepherd correctly stated that Gerald Joe Moreno (aka “SSS108”) and Andries Krugers Dagneaux were banned from editing Sathya Sai Baba-related Wikipedia articles (as were “freelanceresearcher” and “wikisunn”: Ref). Of course, Kevin Shepherd praised the arbitration committee when it came to Moreno’s ban but was “disconcerted” with (and made excuses for) the same arbitration committee that banned Andries. It is also important to point out that that Andries was formerly banned on the Robert Priddy Wikipedia Article (Ref) due to violating the ArbCom ruling and two warnings from Wikipedia Administrators (Refs: 0102). Moreno was never banned from editing the Robert Priddy Wikipedia Article. Enough said.

In his typically inaccurate ways, Kevin Shepherd had the audacity to say that Andries “had originally established the Sathya Sai Baba entry in Wikipedia on the basis of both pro- and contra- views being represented”. This is an absurd and total untruth. Andries included voluminous amounts of non-reputable and non-reliable sources in violation of NPOV, WP:BLP, WP:V and WP:RS and it was all removed in accordance with the First Mediation With BostonMA. For once, get your facts right, Mr. Kevin Shepherd.

Andries is a known POV pusher (Refs: 01020304) and other Wikipedia editors have accused him of the same bias and POV pushing that Moreno has. Andries was uncooperative and his failure to accept a second mediation attempt (Ref) pushed the issue into an ArbCom case (which he tried to escape). As a matter of fact, the First ArbCom Case fully acknowledged the problems with the Sathya Sai Baba Wikipedia Article and ruled (due to Moreno’s thorough documentation about Andries Anti-Sai agenda):

“Negative information in an article or on a talk page regarding Sathya Sai Baba or organizations affiliated with him which is poorly sourced may be removed without discussion. The three revert rule shall not apply to such removal. This includes links to critical websites which contain original research or which consist of personal accounts of negative experiences with Sathya Sai Baba or organizations affiliated with him. It is inappropriate for a user to insert a link to a website maintained by the user (or in which the user plays an important role).”

Needless to say, this was a huge blow to Andries and Anti-Sai Activists (and they whined and hissed about it on their own Anti-Sai Websites). Don’t expect Kevin Shepherd to mention any any of these pertinent facts, which he lamentably failed to obtain despite his alleged in-depth research into this topic.

The Kevin R.D. Shepherd Citation On Wikipedia

In Kevin Shepherd’s article against Gerald Joe Moreno, he repeatedly whined and sniveled about Moreno’s objection on Wikipedia to the inclusion of a quote from his self-published book, “Investigating the Sai Baba Movement: A Clarification of Misrepresented Saints and Opportunism”.

Andries Krugers Dagneaux (an ex-devotee and Anti-Sai Activist) was the only person arguing for the inclusion of the Shepherd citation in the Sathya Sai Baba Wikipedia Article. Jossie, Alecmconroy (a non-involved party who answered Andries Request For Comment) and Moreno (SSS108) all disagreed with Andries.

Wikipedia generally does not allow self-published material to be used as sources in Biographies of Living People (Refs: Self Published SourcesVerifiable SourcesBLP – Reliable Sources). Even more so when the self-published work in question makes derogatory and highly questionable hearsay allegations that have never been referenced in reliable or reputable sources (Ref: Reliable Sources). Kevin Shepherd’s book and citation fell into this category of self-published material.

After Moreno revealed the truth about Kevin Shepherd’s self-published book, Andries Krugers Dagneaux reconsidered his opinion (because he was under the impression that Shepherd’s book was not self-published) and he promptly dropped his complaint and consensus was obtained (Reference).

Although Kevin Shepherd would like to make it appear that Moreno was alone in his grievance, he was not. As a matter of fact, after Andries Krugers Dagneaux realized that Kevin Shepherd’s book was self-published and the citation did not comply with Wikipedia policy, he no longer sought its inclusion. These are the facts of the matter. Don’t expect Kevin Shepherd to accurately relate these facts without his typical spin, paranoia and “cult” accusations.

Dubious Claims About Sai Devotee V.K. Narasimhan

Kevin Shepherd (registrant for the website) displayed remedial researching abilities when he claimed that Joe Moreno gave “inadequate information” about the Sai Devotee V.K. Narasimhan on his blog.

Needless to say, Moreno wrote a detailed article about V.K. Narasimhan on his official website. Apparently Mr. K. Shepherd did not care to research Moreno’s official website and failed to locate the search function clearly visible on the main-index and side-menu pages. View The Results For “V.K. Narasimhan” Using Moreno’s Search Function. All Kevin Shepherd had to do was type in V.K. Narasimhan’s name into the search box and click on “Go” or “Search This Site”.

Although it is true that V.K. Narasimhan was a friend to Robert Priddy during Priddy’s devotee years, there is little doubt that VKN would have severed his friendship with Robert Priddy when Priddy became an ex-devotee. It certainly appears that Robert Priddy fabricated or embellished information about VK Narasimhan to further his venomous campaigns against Sai Baba. This is not far-fetched considering Robert Priddy’s fully documented lies about Moreno and others. The Webpage Profiling Robert Priddy provides concise information about him that proves he is not credible and that he blatantly lies about others unapologetically. Robert Priddy even had the audacity to openly libel Gerald Joe Moreno with fraudulent sexual molestation claims (Ref). Kevin Shepherd ignores these fully documented articles and instead links to Anti-Sai websites while ignoring any information that counters his Anti-Sai rhetoric.

Click Here to view an article that VK Narasimhan wrote in praise of Sathya Sai Baba in Sanathana Sarathi, Special Issue – November 1999 (about 3 months before his death) proving that VKN was devoted to Sathya Sai Baba to his death. The first paragraph reads:

“There are certain periods in the history of mankind when the mortal beings of this earth witness epoch-making divine events with their own eyes. By far the most astounding event of this century is the Advent of Bhagavan Sri Sathya Sai Baba.”

VKN also referred to Sathya Sai Baba throughout his article as “Bhagavan” (i.e., “God”), an “Avatar” (i.e., “Incarnation of God”) and being “divine” or possessing “divinity”. These published comments are objective and verifiable and wholly refute Robert Priddy’s highly questionable claims about V.K. Narasimhan. Robert Priddy’s attributions to V.K. Narasimhan are subjective and non-verifiable hearsay. Although Kevin Shepherd attempts to portray himself as a serious researcher in the Sai Controversy, he readily discarded objective facts with unverifiable hearsay and then had the audacity to claim that Robert Priddy’s hearsay trumped VK Narasimhan’s own words! Moreno would rather rely on V.K. Narasimhan’s verifiable words than on Robert Priddy’s unverifiable hearsay.

Kevin Shepherd also stated without proof that V.K. Narasimhan (a Sai Devotee he never knew, met or saw) was “known to have entertained extensive doubts, his habitual cynicism tempered by his dependence upon ashram amenities”. Moreno personally observed V.K. Narasimhan interact with Sathya Sai Baba (as have many thousands of other people) and VKN always exhibited great reverence and devotion to Sathya Sai Baba. V.K. Narasimhan’s reputation was such that (had he chosen) he could have easily lived in any of India’s numerous ashrams. He chose to stay with Bhagavan Sri Sathya Sai Baba for 30 years to his death. V.K. Narasimhan also had the opportunity to live with his son in Madras, but he chose to live at Puttaparthi instead. These are facts, whereas Shepherd and Priddy’s hearsay and speculations are not. Kevin Shepherd’s position about V.K. Narasimhan (a Sai Devotee he never knew, met or saw) undermines his self-professed integrity and highlights his bias and unsupported viewpoints.

Even in VK Narasimhan’s Private Correspondence With Robert Priddy, VKN never said one word opposing Sathya Sai Baba. To the contrary, VKN praised and eulogized Sathya Sai Baba as “Bhagavan” (i.e., “God”) and typically ended his letters with “Yours in Sai Seva”.

To Date: Robert Priddy has yet to produce a single hand-written or signed letter from VKN that expressed the slightest criticism of Bhagavan Sri Sathya Sai Baba. This is in irrefutable fact that strongly argues that Robert Priddy’s attributions to VKN are fraudulent and dishonest.

Futhermore, it is amusing that despite Robert Priddy and Kevin Shepherd’s constant bashing of Sai Devotees as liars, belonging to a cult, being brainwashed, etc., they constantly praise and cite VKN (an ardent Sai Devotee to his death) as a credible, intelligent and honest man on their behalf.

Hypocrisy, pure and simple.

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Kevin R D Shepherd’s Fanatic ‘Hitman’ And ‘Terrorist’ Slurs

Fortunately, readers can assess Kevin Shepherd’s conspiracy mentality and extremist views when he alleged (several times) without proof that Sathya Sai Baba is a “strongly alleged paedophile guru who is closely associated with terrorism”. Amusingly, Kevin Shepherd said “Readers now have a clear choice: the partisan evasion of sexual molestation and allied terrorism or the Priddy-Shepherd output of sober analysis.” What a bunch of delusional rubbish! Kevin Shepherd, Robert Priddy, Basava Premananda and Indian Rationalists cannot provide a scintilla of verifiable evidence that Sathya Sai Baba is allied with terrorists. Kevin Shepherd blindly believes the claims, stories and conspiracy theories of Anti-Sai Activists (making no demand for proof and verifiable evidence from them) yet acts contrary when it comes to Pro-Sai Activists (making every conceivable demand that can never meet his expectations).

To Date: Sathya Sai Baba and the Sai Organization have never (ever) been charged with any crime, sexual or otherwise. This is an objective statement of fact and Kevin Shepherd cannot refute it with any court records or official documents. All of the allegations against Sai Baba are based on hearsay, rumor, gossip, conspiracy theories, anonymous accounts and stories from six non-anonymous and alleged victims who have never followed the rule of law (as would be required of the rest of us). Despite Kevin Shepherd’s obvious and abysmal lack of evidence, he had the audacity to claim that his terrorist accusations are “sober” and somehow well supported. They most certainly are not.

It is also interesting to note that Kevin RD Shepherd not only accused Moreno of being an “internet hit man”, he also accused Moreno of “internet terrorism” as well! Kevin Shepherd said “The internet terrorism is now causing outrage in British sectors, especially as Moreno is visible on Google ratings.” These comments clearly indicate that Kevin Shepherd loosely and erroneously accuses others of being “internet hit men” and being involved with “internet terrorism” like a fanatic who is anything but “sober”. Kevin Shepherd is apparently unaware of the extensive Anti-Sai propaganda that litters the internet. Readers can judge for him/her self who is truly guilty of “internet terrorism”.

Since Kevin R.D. Shepherd’s propaganda and rhetoric is now visible on Google, does this make him an “internet terrorist” as well? Apparently so.

Regarding Kevin Shepherd’s claim that Sathya Sai Baba is a “strongly alleged pedophile guru”, no one has been able to confirm even one single case of alleged “pedophilia” against him (Pedophilia Reference).

When it comes to verifiable facts, Kevin Shepherd can’t provide any. He relies on assumption, blind belief and conjecture. Kevin Shepherd makes the case for Moreno that he (Shepherd) is a thoroughly biased and shabby researcher who lacks genuine critical thinking skills. He clearly has an agenda to push and readily attempts to deceive readers with Anti-Sai propaganda. These opinions are supported by the fact that Kevin R.D. Shepherd wrote a rambling diatribe (composed of 16,408 words) against Moreno (citing numerous defamations) yet never once attempted to contact Moreno.

Kevin Shepherd And Guru & UFO Promoter PhD Timothy Conway

Although Kevin Shepherd is a staunch Anti-New Age advocate and Anti-Guru advocate, he devoted a lengthy section (on his page discussing the Sai Controversy) to Dr. Timothy Conway, citing him as a credible and intelligent reference against Sathya Sai Baba. Some relevant quotes:

Kevin R.D. Shepherd: “However, the counter of Dr. Timothy Conway is more convincing to non-sectarian analysts…Even the American ex-devotee Dr. Timothy Conway has been on the edged receiving end of sectarian disapproval…A relevant report comes from Dr. Timothy Conway (an American ex-devotee, not a medic but a scholar of Indian religion). He has contributed a recent lengthy webpage that substantially contradicts the sectarian evasion of alleged sexual abuse by the guru…The total list of these three categories involves ‘nearly 50 named and unnamed individuals. Dr. Conway adds that sectarian denials are contradicted by the (obvious) fact that ‘there are simply far too many allegations corroborating each other on similar crucial details.’…Dr. Conway informs that ‘numerous students have allegedly expressed fear to researchers about saying anything of Sathya Sai Baba’s sexual improprieties with them for reasons of shame and family situation (e.g., their parents and grandparents are devotees).’…Dr. Timothy Conway exited from the sect in 2001. He was subsequently asked to submit questions for Dr. Michael Goldstein as part of the BBC research preparations for their 2004 documentary The Secret Swami…”

Although strong counter-arguments have been made against Dr Timothy Conway, Kevin Shepherd blindly referenced Conway although Conway is a true believer and promoter of Gurus [3], Mystics [3], Enlightened Masters [3], psychics [1] [2] [4], levitation [5], bi-location [5], miracles [5], remote-viewing [4], elementals, meditation [2] [6], paranormal powers [5], aliens [4] [10], rebirth [1] [7], reincarnation [1] [7], karma [8], oracles [2], I-Ching [2], sensitives [1] [2], channelers [1] [2], astrology [2], astrologists [2], palm-reading [2], non-duality [9], etc. (the list goes on and on).

For example, if you are looking for an answer to a difficult problem, PhD Timothy Conway suggested the following solutions:

Dr. Timothy Conway: “Ask God (Spirit, the one God-Self) for guidance and for some kind of ‘omen’ or ‘sign,’ if needed, to proceed in a certain direction (i.e., making choice A, B, C or whatever). Be willing to wait several days or weeks (or, in some cases, months or even years for this guidance to manifest)…Use an oracle, such as the I Ching (Book of Changes). More simply, you can ask for Divine Guidance and then flip a coin–with heads meaning one choice, tails meaning the other choice. If you like, flip it 10 times and see if a clear pattern emerges. You might say, ‘Well, how the coin flips is simply due to chance.’ Perhaps. But one can also trust that there is a deeper Principle behind everything that happens, and you can ask this Divine Guiding Intelligence to show you an answer via the coin-tossing process. Alternatively, you can create a slightly more sophisticated oracle of your own by getting out 3 or 4 pieces of paper. Then write ‘yes’ on one, ‘no’ on another, ‘wait’ on a third piece of paper, and, if you like, ‘wrong question’ on the fourth piece of paper. Then turn them face down, scramble them up, and pick one of the 3 or 4 pieces of paper to get guidance this way…You can also consult a psychic ‘sensitive’ and/or an astrologer or a palmist (Indian jyotish astrology followed by Western astrology seem to be the most accurate astrology systems. And, curiously, palmistry and astrology seem to complement each other as different methods for getting to the same ‘karmic’ information on the soul’s mission, destiny, strengths and vulnerabilities).” (Reference)

Timothy Conway is also set to release two books praising over 40 Gurus, “Wonder-Workers”, Sages, Saints and Tantriks in 2009. What is so amusing about this is that Kevin Shepherd often attacks New Age believers and Guru promoters as being brainwashed and mentally sick. However, when it comes to Sathya Sai Baba, Kevin Shepherd discards his “scholarly”, “academic” and scientific posturing and cites New Age believers and Guru promoters as reliable and reputable references against him. Since Kevin Shepherd heavily cited Timothy Conway on his domains, he apparently researched Timothy Conway’s beliefs and approved of them.

Timothy Conway cannot take a consistent position for or against Sathya Sai Baba. For example, Timothy Conway had the following to say about Sathya Sai Baba and his alleged paranormal powers:

  • Timothy Conway: “ I remain convinced that there are paranormal miracles (wondrous anomalies), and ‘deep, mysterious energies,’ perhaps involving multi-dimensional physics and paranormal or supra-normal power, that are occurring around and through the personality of Sathya Sai Baba.”
  • Timothy Conway: “Sathya Sai could be an amazingly accomplished but fallen yogi (yogabhrashta)…”
  • Timothy Conway: “We should also be aware that these energies and powers could be coming from Sai Baba of Shirdi and/or the Divine Absolute…”
  • Timothy Conway: “Perhaps he is just a highly adept but fallen yogi or an inter-dimensionally powerful but contaminated ‘channel’ for the former Sai Baba of Shirdi (d.1918).”
  • Timothy Conway: “the powers of someone who has some ‘elemental spirits’ or other entities helping him from interdimensional planes? (–no joke: it’s a very old, worldwide knowledge that one can derive certain powers by contacting such entities).” Ref: Conway Email No. 8.
  • Timothy Conway: “Now, a purna avatar would, it seems, incarnate the totality of God, including the polarity play of light-dark, purity-mischief, unattachment-lust, and so on. This is a disturbing concept, but perhaps quite applicable to Baba’s controversial activity. Moreover, the sexual activity, which we now know to apparently involve considerable lust, might be Baba’s way of transmuting the very heavy sexual energy among humanity at this time on the planet.”
  • Timothy Conway: “I have sometimes thought that Sai is lustfully ‘taking on’ (on a psychic level) the lust of humanity to clear our sexual karma.”
  • Timothy Conway: “I grant that much or most of Baba’s spectacular mission has been about teaching and demonstrating Love.”
  • Timothy Conway: “I do believe that there has been an astonishing amount of genuine goodness, compassion and spiritual upliftment in and around Baba.”

Does Kevin R. D. Shepherd agree with these statements by Timothy Conway as well, or are his agreements selective and self-serving?

Timothy Conway also believed and endorsed (Ref) the alleged experiences of Shirlи Klein-Carsh, a so-called “Indigo” (an alleged extraterrestrial alien that voluntarily incarnates in human form on Earth). Shirlи Klein-Carsh claimed she was psychologically, spiritually and artistically guided by a cleverly disguised alien from Sirius (the star in the constellation of Canis Major) who worked as an electronics repairman in a second-hand shop. Timothy Conway said:

PhD Timothy Conway: “This is a fascinating study of someone with sensitivities hardly dreamed of by most persons. Other books present the carefully presented and reasoned case for the existence of inter-dimensional aliens interacting with humans. This book goes straight into the mystery and wonder of the human-alien contact.” – Timothy Conway, PhD., author of ‘Women of Power and Grace’

Furthering his alien and UFO beliefs, Timothy Conway attempted to argue that if Sai Baba possesses paranormal powers, he could easily “warp spacetime” by creating an “insular interdimensional environment” where he could engage in abuse without easy detection. Attempting to bolster this asinine argument, Timothy Conway argued that people who are abducted by aliens and who experience the “missing time” phenomenon, have been lifted, transported and relocated to other areas without their spouses being aware of anything amiss. That’s right, Timothy Conway believes that it is possible that Sai Baba molested alleged victims on another dimension, which is why it is so difficult for them to prove their allegations and why there is an abysmal lack of witnesses supporting their claims (Ref: Conway Email No. 10).

These are the amusing beliefs held by a PhD who attempts to take a sober and rational position against Sathya Sai Baba. Timothy Conway, Ex-Devotees and Kevin Shepherd are hypocrites who immediately jump to the worse case conspiratorial view and adamantly refuse to coherently and legitimately provide factual and verifiable information to support their smear campaigns against Sathya Sai Baba.

Kevin R.D. Shepherd not only endorsed and cited Guru Advocate & New Age Promoter Timothy Conway, he also endorsed and cited Psychic Trance Medium Conny Larsson, New Age Practitioner & Reincarnator Alan Kazlev and New Age Ramtha Adherent Ullrich Zimmermann. What does this say about Kevin Shepherd? Kevin Shepherd is obviously a very gullible and naive person who is willing to give credence to New Age beliefs by claiming that New Age followers are intelligent, honest, credible and reliable individuals who are worthy of being referenced by him (an alleged “scholarly” and “academic” author not given to superstition or superstitious beliefs).


Kevin R.D. Shepherd Cited Ramtha Adherent Against Sathya Sai Baba

Kevin Shepherd had the following to say about Ullrich Zimmermann (an alleged sexual abuse victim of Sathya Sai Baba):

“One of the most arresting testimonies has only recently been duly evaluated. Ullrich Zimmermann (a German now living in America) has become noted for three lengthy online video interviews (at the US portal in which he describes in detail his relationship with Sathya Sai Baba.”

Kevin Shepherd conveniently forgot to mention that Ullrich Zimmermann is a New Age follower of Ramtha (an alleged 36,000 year-old entity as channeled through the psychic medium JZ Knight). It is indeed peculiar that Kevin Shepherd (a strong Anti-New Age advocate) would be citing the testimony of a New Age follower against Sai Baba, calling his stories “most arresting testimonies”.

Kevin Shepherd also forgot to mention that Ullrich Zimmermann originally recalled his alleged experiences with Sathya Sai Baba while drunk at a Ramtha wine ceremony and after the 36,000 year-old entity commanded him to “teach Sai Baba a lesson”. Ullrich Zimmermann described his experiences with Sathya Sai Baba as “white tantra” and explicitly stated (several times) that he was not sexually abused and his experiences were an “honor” conferred upon him!

Zimmermann also claimed that Sathya Sai Baba instantaneously cured him of a long-term breathing ailment by materializing oil and applying it to his chest along the “kundalini line”. Leave it to Kevin Shepherd to leave out these wholly relevant facts and attempt to whitewash Zimmermann’s accounts by citing only self-serving information taken exclusively from Anti-Sai websites (which one would not expect from a serious researcher or scholar).

And to top it all off, Ullrich Zimmermann actually claimed that Sathya Sai Baba literally and miraculously transformed his genitals (from a penis to a vagina and vice versa) with a snap of his fingers twice! In addition, Zimmermann also claimed he saw a flash of white light fly out the Guru’s penis! These are the ludicrous (and quite frankly unbelievable) stories that Kevin Shepherd endorsed, believed and described as being “most arresting testimonies”. Nice to know that Kevin Shepherd (who attempts to portray himself as rationalistic and “sober”) is citing genital-switch miracles, paranormal phenomena and the testimony of a New Age follower against Sathya Sai Baba.

What does this say about Kevin Shepherd? Kevin Shepherd is obviously a very gullible and naive person who is willing to give credence to New Age beliefs by claiming that New Age followers are intelligent, honest, credible and reliable individuals who are worthy of being referenced by him (an alleged “scholarly” author not given to superstition or superstitious beliefs). Again, I am sure this information is going to be very disillusioning to Kevin Shepherd’s readers and admirers (as few as they are).

‘Scholar’ Kevin R.D. Shepherd References New Age Advocate And Reincarnator Against Moreno

Kevin R.D. Shepherd (a staunch Anti-New Age advocate and critic of Sathya Sai Baba) heavily cited and referenced M. Alan Kazlev as a credible and reliable person against Gerald Joe Moreno.

Alan Kazlev (the alleged “credible” and “reliable” reference that Kevin Shepherd cited against Moreno) is a true-believer, promoter and endorser of: Integral Transformation, Integral Metaphysics, Reincarnation, Spirit Possession, Trolls, UFOs, Aliens, Alternate Realities, Cosmic Redemption, Planetary Buddhas, Avataric Gurus, Psychic Powers, Devas, Earth Spirits, Elementals, the Occult, Kundalini, Astrology, Karma, Auras, Astral Bodies, Astral Planes, Astral Beings, Geomancy, Theta Magic, Natal Charts, Samskaras, various New Age philosophies, etc.

Alan Kazlev claimed that Ramana Maharshi is his “sadguru” and that Sri Aurobindo and Mother Mirra are his “gurus”. Futhermore, Alan Kazlev ranted about his past lives on his website, claiming past life associations with Ancient Rome, Atlantis and Ancient Greece. Alan Kazlev claimed he lived past lives as a Polish Kabbalist, a German Soldier and a 19th Century English gentleman-scholar, philosopher theologian and naturalist raised as a British Israelite. Alan Kazlev stated he reincarnates two to three times a century and was “exiled” to Earth (apparently from another planet) to help in the spiritual transformation of the entire Earth (Reference).

It has since come to light that Alan Kazlev is a grungy guy who loves to drool over images of a “pornographic kind” (using Robert Priddy’s moral standards) and wrote two cyberpunk articles replete with filthy speech and sexually explicit material. See:

syndorphin2-6-C by M. Alan Kazlev or View Syndorphin 2-6-C Blogged Post

Hap New Year by M. Alan Kazlev or View Hap New Year Blogged Post

Kevin R.D. Shepherd has yet to say one word about Alan Kazlev’s penchant to tell raunchy and pornographic stories about erect penises, wanton sex and obscene references to women as being “cunts”.

It is very amusing that Kevin Shepherd (a staunch Anti-New Age advocate) is citing a New Age believer as a credible, reliable, reputable and noteworthy “reference” against Gerald Joe Moreno. What does this say about Kevin Shepherd? Kevin RD Shepherd is obviously a very gullible and naive person who is willing to give credence to New Age beliefs by claiming that New Age followers are intelligent, honest, credible and reliable individuals who are worthy of being referenced by him (a self-professed “scholar” not given to superstition or superstitious beliefs). This information is going to be very disillusioning to Kevin Shepherd’s readers and admirers (as few as they are).

It is also disturbing that Kevin Shepherd miserably failed to mention the fact that Moreno fully responded to M. Alan Kazlev on his official websites (Refs: 0102). Kevin Shepherd also miserably failed to mention that M. Alan Kazlev defamed Moreno with bogus psychological profiles (areas of expertise he admitted he has no credentials in) and viciously insinuated that Moreno had a sexual oiling massage from Sathya Sai Baba (a bold-faced and gutter untruth) and that Moreno sees Sathya Sai Baba as a “much loved surrogate father figure” and “possibly a pretend homosexual lover” (more bold-faced and gutter untruths). Moreno has fully responded to Alan Kazlev’s defamations and misrepresentations in his article entitled Joe Moreno Refutes Being Sexually Abused By Sathya Sai Baba.

Strangely enough, Alan Kazlev fully admitted (several times) that he did not have the “time”, “patience” or “inclination” to research the Anti-Sai movement for himself and simply “skimmed” through information Moreno sent him and relied on Anti-Baba critics to better inform him. This is not surprising after reading Alan Kazlev’s Disrespectable Me bio.

Needless to say, Kevin Shepherd would have known all these facts had he cared to contact Moreno or had he cared to research this matter thoroughly. Kevin Shepherd did not care to contact Moreno nor did he research this matter thoroughly, thus confirming his bias, shabby research and non-serious investigation into the Sai Controversy.

Robert Priddy Looks Like The Grinch Who Stole Christmas

Robert Priddy loves to condescendingly poke fun at Sri Sathya Sai Baba’s appearance (even though he worshipped the guru as God Incarnate for 17-26 years).

Robert Priddy As The Grinch 1

Robert Priddy As The Grinch 1

Robert Priddy As The Grinch 2

Robert Priddy As The Grinch 2

As one can see from the images above (linked directly to Barry Pittard and Robert Priddy’s WordPress blogs – hence no issue of infringement), Robert Priddy looks like he is turning into the Grinch Who Stole Christmas. Funny how those who poke fun at other’s appearances look rather pathetic themselves. I say turnabout is fair play.

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Gerald Joe Moreno’s Interview With Sathya Sai Baba

I had a dream where I was sitting at Baba’s feet, crying uncontrollably, asking Baba not to leave. Baba ignored me and got up and left. I woke up crying, saying, “Baba’s Leaving!” I realized it was only a dream. It was 4:30a.m. and it was still dark outside. No sooner did I put my head on my pillow, to go back to sleep, when a man came pounding on my door shouting, “Baba’s leaving! Baba’s leaving!” Confused, I threw on some clothes and went running towards the temple. People were already gathered there and just as I got there, Baba’s car drove past me and disappeared into the darkness!

Someone explained to me that Baba was going to his other ashram in Bangalore. In 1988, nobody knew when Baba would leave. Baba would just get up and go as he chose. I decided to stay at Puttaparthi and wait for Baba to return. I was too afraid to do any more traveling in India.

I had a simple room to myself in the ashram. The room was bare, except for a sleeping mat, a mosquito net and a small picture of Baba that someone had pasted on the wall. Everyday, I would pray to that picture of Baba, asking for direction and telling him of the void in my life. Two weeks passed before Baba returned. During this time, I got very sick with a terrible bout of dysentery. I lost quite a bit of weight.

I had heard that Baba called people for personal interviews. It was entirely up to Baba who was called. I hoped and prayed he would call me. I tried joining a group, but they would not let me join. I was on my own. One day, during Bhajan, as I was staring at Baba and asking him to speak to me, I heard the word “tomorrow” resound very loudly in my head. What did it mean? “Tomorrow”? I dismissed it because it seemed like a rather vague word.

The next day, as I was sitting for Darshan, I felt as if Baba would never call me. I didn’t know what to do. As Baba approached me, I thought to myself, “He is going to pass by me again.” Baba came walking close to me and his eyes met mine. Baba said, “What do you want?” I said, “An interview.” Baba said, “Go.” I was completely overwhelmed. I could not stop crying. For the first time in my life, I felt like my prayers had been heard. I am sure everyone thought I was dying because I could not stop crying! ((laughs)) Finally, Baba came and directed about 15 of us into the main interview room. Besides me, there was an Indian man with his sick son and an Indian family. Baba looked at the Indian man and said, “Australia.” The man nodded his head and said that he was, indeed, from Australia. I sure couldn’t tell. He looked Indian to me in dress and appearance. Then, Baba sat down in a chair and started talking to the Indian family. Baba told them that they had been quarreling among themselves. Baba told them every detail of the quarrel, including who said what to whom, etc. The family was surprised and everyone kept nodding their heads. Baba said, “I know. I know.” Baba took the Indian man and his sick son into a private room and talked to them. Baba also talked to some of the members of the Indian family. Then, Baba called me into the private room. Baba told me, “You worry too much!” Baba told me how I had been very sick (which was true) and Baba said, “I know. I know. I even know about you praying to my picture in your room!” I was stunned. Baba told me to observe celibacy and he raised his palm to my face and drew small circles, with his thumb, on his fingers, and a thick, green oil materialized. It was wonderfully fragrant! Even to this day, I can not forget how wonderful that fragrance was! It was a delicate and fine mixture of many fragrances like jasmine, rose and sandlewood. The predominant smell was eucalyptus. Baba applied this to my lower stomach. Baba told me, “Do not worry. It will ensure a long and peaceful life.” Baba told me some other things as well. Then, Baba hugged me and the interview was over! I was so overwhelmed, I could not talk!

After staying with Baba 2 months, my visa was about to expire and it was time to leave. Just before I left Baba, I had a beautiful dream of Baba. In the dream, Baba was wearing a white robe and Baba was holding my hand. I asked Baba, “When will I be back?” Baba said, “Very soon.” (Little did I know that “very soon” turned out to be 14 months!) I returned to Calcutta and related my wonderful experiences to Barin and Pratima. Pratima told me that even though they had amrita manifesting from their pictures, and even though their family had been Baba devotees for 10 years, they never had the opportunity to have an interview with Baba. I was very lucky.

So, back to America I came. Transformed. Alive. And 40lbs lighter!

The following image is a full and original screencap taken from Gerald Joe Moreno’s www0db0www Geocities website. Geocities Closed On October 26th 2009. The screencap has a “bubbled” watermark on it to prevent more fraudulent screencaps from being created and dispersed by Ex-Devotees of Sathya Sai Baba. Contrary to Ex-Devotee’s unsupported claims, Moreno’s Geocities webpages were never duplicated on his domain. On October 21st 2009, Moreno personally contacted and requested a block to his Geocities webpages as an extra measure to prevent abuse:

Gerald Joe Morenos Interview With Sathya Sai Baba

www0db0www Formerly Archived And Blocked On October 21st 2009 Due To Screencap Fraud

www0db0www Formerly Archived And Blocked On October 21st 2009 Due To Screencap Fraud

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Yahoo Email Notice Regarding GeoCities Closure

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