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Alex Jamieson – Internet Hit Man And Internet Terrorist

Kevin R. D. Shepherd is a pseudo-philosopher, fanatic and extremist who wrote a rambling and obsessive diatribe composed of 48,188 words (as of December 7th 2009) attacking Gerald Joe Moreno simply because Moreno succeeded in getting a reference to Shepherd’s self-published material removed from the Sathya Sai Baba Wikipedia Article. Kevin R. D. Shepherd called Gerald Joe Moreno an “internet hit man” and an “internet terrorist” simply because Moreno’s webpages are indexed on search engines (!!!) and because Moreno defended himself with factual information against Shepherd’s numerous misrepresentations, shabby research and outright prevarications.

Enter Alex Jamieson

On September 11th 2009, a dubious character using the name “Alex Jamieson” created a Wikipedia page for Kevin R. D. Shepherd that was exclusively and entirely sourced to Shepherd’s self-published books and self-promoting websites. Despite Alex Jamieson’s desperate attempt to cite numerous references supporting the alleged notability of Kevin R. D. Shepherd, Alex Jamieson could not cite a single reliable source referenced to reputable media in favor of Kevin R. D. Shepherd. As such, a “primary sources” tag was attached to the Kevin R. D. Shepherd article that said:

This article needs references that appear in reliable third-party publications. Primary sources or sources affiliated with the subject are generally not sufficient for a Wikipedia article. Please add more appropriate citations from reliable sources. (November 2009)

Kevin R D Shepherd Wikipedia Article Has No Reliable Sources

Kevin R D Shepherd Wikipedia Article Has No Reliable Sources

Please note that the picture of Kevin R. D. Shepherd used on Wikipedia has been released by Alex Jamieson under the Creative Commons, Attribution-ShareAlike 3.0 license and can be copied, saved, distributed and/or modified by internet users under the terms of the GNU Free Documentation License (Ref).

The Wikipedia article for Kevin R. D. Shepherd is biased and employs clever rhetoric and relies on important omissions to mislead readers about Kevin Shepherd’s alleged notability (although Kevin Shepherd admitted he possesses no academic credentials).

Alex Jamieson Is An Associate Of Kevin R. D. Shepherd

Alex Jamieson (who claimed he is from the UK) is closely allied with Kevin R. D. Shepherd and said the following on the Wikipedia COI noticeboard:

Alex Jamieson: The author (ie, Kevin R. D. Shepherd) gave permission for me to upload his photograph and was quite happy for me to be the known as the copyright holder. The picture box was uploaded following the assessment request. Also, as a matter of courtesy, I had informed the author I was going to write an article about him for Wikipedia (he expressed no objection), and I advised him of the article’s existence shortly after I had completed that article to my satisfaction. (Ref)

The fact that Kevin R. D. Shepherd gave his picture’s copyrights over to Alex Jamieson strongly suggests behind-the-scenes scheming and subterfuge (a sentiment shared by Wikipedia admin). In the past, Kevin R. D. Shepherd pathetically whined, hissed and sniveled about the copyrights regarding his pictures. Kevin R. D. Shepherd would never give his picture’s copyrights over to any casual outsider.

It is Moreno’s opinion that Kevin R. D. Shepherd heavily influenced and dictated content on the Wikipedia article about himself through private email correspondence with his puppet and devotee “Alex Jamieson”. This suspicion is supported by the fact that the very first edit made by Alex Jamieson was a completed page with all the correct link, reference, category, title and writing codes that are specific to Wikipedia only (Ref).

Needless to say, even seasoned Wikipedia editors are not fully conversant with all the link, reference, category, title and writing codes that are used on Wikipedia. Alex Jamieson created a fully functional, fully linked and fully categorized Wikipedia page on his first edit (rightly raising the suspicion that Alex Jamieson is no newbie to Wikipedia and the name “Alex Jamieson” appears to be a pseudonym, sockpuppet and/or anonymous account). Some have suggested that “Alex Jamieson” may be the former Wikipedian Jedermann.

Kevin Shepherd Approved Alex Jamieson’s Attacks Against Moreno

Alex Jamieson (who admitted corresponding with Kevin R. D. Shepherd in private emails) apparently received permission and guidance from Kevin R. D. Shepherd to attack Gerald Joe Moreno on Wikipedia. Alex Jamieson wrote a fairly lengthy section on Kevin R. D. Shepherd’s official Wikipedia page entitled “criticism” that specifically attacked and targeted Gerald Joe Moreno. Needless to say, Alex Jamieson would not have published the potentially libelous content against Moreno on Kevin R. D. Shepherd’s official Wikipedia page had he not obtained permission to do so.

Alex Jamieson’s Potentially Libelous Attacks Deleted By Wikipedia Admin

Alex Jamieson even created a “sandbox” page where he thought he could safeguard his defamations and potentially libelous attacks against Moreno.

The entire “criticism” section created by Alex Jamieson on the Kevin R. D. Shepherd Wikipedia page was removed by Wikipedia Admin Hersfold with the comment: “Criticism: removing per WP:BLP, this section is incredibly inappropriate” (ReferencePlease Note: The potentially libelous “criticism” section was completely purged from Wikipedia and no longer shows in the diffs).

As a result of Alex Jamieson’s defamatory, malicious and potentially libelous attacks against Gerald Joe Moreno, Jamieson’s sandbox page was deleted and he was given the following warning by Wikipedia Admin Vassyana

Deleted contributions and warning
I have deleted your user sandbox and some of your recent contributions to Kevin R. D. Shepherd. The sandbox and those edits were deleted as inappropriate and potentially libelous. The edits violated our principles protecting living persons, against original research, and prohibiting the use of Wikipedia for agendas and axe-grinding. Any restoration of the deleted material or further such actions will result in an immediate block. Please reconsider your approach and intentions here. If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to leave a message on my talk page or utilize the “e-mail this user” link in the sidebar when viewing my page. Thank you. Vassyana (talk) 02:55, 7 December 2009 (UTC)

Click Thumbnail To Enlarge:

Alex Jamieson Defamatory Tactics Get Him In Trouble On Wikipedia

Alex Jamieson Defamatory Tactics Get Him In Trouble On Wikipedia

Alex Jamieson & Kevin R. D. Shepherd – In Conclusion

In conclusion, Alex Jamieson and Kevin R. D. Shepherd have exposed themselves to be bitter and biased extremists who rely on scheming, subterfuge and collusion to attack those who dissent with their hate-based agendas.

Alex Jamieson (a proxy defender of Kevin R. D. Shepherd) obtained permission to attack Gerald Joe Moreno on Shepherd’s official Wikipedia page and various Wikipedia admin confirmed that Alex Jamieson’s attacks against Moreno were defamatory, malicious and potentially libelous in nature. As a result, Alex Jamieson’s sandbox page and “criticism” section were deleted in their entirety from Wikipedia (with the content being purged so it could not be sourced elsewhere via diffs).

Consequently, one could argue (using Kevin Shepherd’s logic and standards) that Alex Jamieson and Kevin R. D. Shepherd are “internet hit men” and “internet terrorists”. Even independent Wikipedia administrators easily identified Shepherd and Jamieson’s potentially libelous attacks against Moreno.

Jamieson and Shepherd think they are paragons of morality and wisdom. They obviously have been sipping too much cuckoo juice. Observant readers will notice that all writings associated with pseudo-philosopher Kevin R. D. Shepherd are rich in rhetoric, poor in research and propagandistic in nature. This is not surprising considering that Kevin R. D. Shepherd is a fierce defender and promoter of Psychic Trance Medium Conny Larsson and LSD Advocate Robert Priddy.

As H. L. Mencken once said:

Philosophy consists very largely of one philosopher arguing that all others are jackasses. He usually proves it, and I should add that he also usually proves that he is one himself.


Kevin Shepherd Murder Article On WordPress

Kevin R.D. Shepherd (exhibiting the symptoms of a person afflicted with paranoia) accused Gerald Joe Moreno of being part of some sort of covert internet plot and conspiracy to influence “uncritical devotees” that Shepherd was involved in some sort of “murder”. Kevin RD Shepherd based his argument on a wordpress tag that he erroneously accused Gerald Joe Moreno of creating. Kevin Shepherd said:

Kevin R.D. Shepherd: “His more recent attempt to undermine my Google Search name listing includes tagged entries of no effective content, using my name and publishing imprints as tags calculated to draw hostile attention. One entry that has aroused strong comment is the item on my Google Search name listing which tags my name with ‘Kevin Shepherd murder.’ This refers to an actual murder which has nothing to do with me. See the very misleading ‘Kevin Shepherd murder 8/11/07 Copperton, UT… Kevin Shepherd and Robert Priddy… Find other items tagged with kevin-shepherd’ at Observers have deduced that the multiple blog and tag tactic intruding upon my Google Search name listing amounts to a form of internet harassment. Joe Moreno is clearly attempting to influence uncritical devotees via his websites and blogs and tagging system. The strong conclusion follows that he is an obsessive internet ‘hit man’ as ex-devotees have been urging.”

Obviously, Kevin Shepherd does not know how to use the internet, does not know how wordpress tags work and thinks he is the only ‘Kevin Shepherd’ on the planet (there are actually around 600,000 Google results for the name Kevin Shepherd).

Notable “Kevin Shepherd’s” not associated with Kevin R.D. Shepherd:

  1. Kevin W. Shepherd, lawyers in Maryville, TN, Tennessee
  2. Kevin Shepherd, Lawyer in Topeka Kansas (numerous listings)
  3. Kevin Shepherd Comedian (numerous listings)
  4. Kevin Shepherd – Plumbing And Tiling Services
  5. Kevin L. Shepherd – Co-chair of the Real Estate Group of Venable LLP
  6. Dr. Kevin P. Shepherd
  7. Kevin Shepherd – Original Vegemite Boy
  8. Kevin Shepherd – Radio Technical Officer Who Served In The Antartic Region
  9. Kevin P. Shepherd – NASA Researcher
  10. Sergeant Kevin ‘Condor’ Shepherd – “Detroit SWAT”

At the time of Kevin Shepherd’s accusation (October 2007) there was only one article resolving to the “murder” listing under the wordpress tag for “Kevin Shepherd” (Ref). The wordpress tag listed an article entitled “Kevin Shepherd murder 8/11/07 Copperton, UT” (Ref). Click on the link and it resolves to this wordpress webpage. The original article is located on this webpage. reported a story about a man named “Steven Lovendahl” who had an argument with a man named “Kevin Shepherd”. Lovendahl shot Shepherd in the arm and he died as a result. This incident occurred in Salt Lake City, Utah, USA.

Needless to say, Moreno did not write the wordpress article in question, the relevant wordpress blog does not belong to Moreno and Moreno did not create the wordpress tag that resolved to the “Kevin Shepherd Murder” article. Since Mr. Kevin Shepherd does not know how to conduct even the most elementary of research, he jumped to his extreme and irrational conclusion that Moreno was somehow involved with the wordpress tag for “Kevin Shepherd Murder”. Consequently, Mr. Shepherd’s asinine arguments against Moreno are without credible or factual basis (as are most of his arguments against Moreno and Sathya Sai Baba).

These types of conspiratorial and puerile accusations argue more that Kevin Shepherd is an “internet hit man” who assaults others with his formidable ignorance about the internet.

Kevin R. D. Shepherd’s Comical Citations To Anonymous Scholars

Kevin R. D. Shepherd displayed amazing naiveté and gullibility when he claimed matter-of-factly that an anonymous Wikipedia editor named Jedermann was an editor with “Ph.D status”. Kevin Shepherd cannot back up this claim with any sort of verifiable sources. As a matter of fact, “Jedermann” (who is no longer a Wikipedia editor) never made any comment about himself being of “Ph.D status” on his userpage (Jedermann Reference).

Kevin Shepherd again displayed amazing naiveté and gullibility when he claimed matter-of-factly that an anonymous Wikipedia editor named The Communicator (IP was “An academic assessor in an Australian University”. Once again, Kevin Shepherd cannot back up this claim with any sort of verifiable sources. Even on his userpage, “The Communicator” never claimed he worked at an Australian University. The quote that Kevin Shepherd cited from “The Communicator” stated:

“Shepherd’s case is unusual. He is an atypical writer, a non-academic who has researched in Cambridge University Library and published a number of scholarly books. His Mind and Sociocultures Vol. One is over 1000 pages long, has maps, appendices, notes and an index. There are 461 notes to the main text (with a further 280 notes to the introduction), and the index alone is 43 pages long. His other books are similar with respect to the quality of scholarly apparatus. It is unlikely in the extreme that any publisher would have taken on such a book, especially from a non-academic. Shepherd is realistic about his abilities, and prefers to be regarded as a scholarly amateur. He is scrupulous in his use of (citations of) specialist scholars, though he is occasionally critical of academics (and academic publishers) when they endorse what he regards as dubious persons and practices. By self-publishing, he maintains his authorial independence, although he suffers from the lack of resources provided by commercial and academic publishing houses. His books have high production values (I speak here as a professional bookseller) and are presumably expensive to produce. He does not seem to gain financially from their sale, nor in any other way as far as I can see. He does not promote any organisation or religious persuasion.” (Reference)

It is apparent that Kevin Shepherd is unaware of the Essjay Wikipedia Controversy in which a well-known Wikipedia Administrator blatantly lied about his credentials on Wikipedia. Essjay claimed he was a tenured Professor of religion at a private University with expertise in canon law. As it turned out, Essjay was really a 24-year-old college drop out named Ryan Jordan. So when Kevin Shepherd attempted to cite anonymous Wikipedia editors (“Jedermann” and “The Communicator”) on his behalf, he attempted to con the general public with anonymous and alleged “scholarly” references (whose credentials he exaggerated and embellished) that cannot be verified whatsoever. Anyone can anonymously claim to be a “scholar” under a pseudonym on a website.

It is also important to point out that “The Communicator” has very close ties to Kevin Shepherd. This opinion is supported by the fact that “The Communicator” mostly edited articles (view contributions) that Kevin Shepherd is deeply involved with (i.e., Stanislav Grof, Holotropic Breathwork and the Findhorn Foundation). “The Communicator” added links to Kevin Shepherd’s Citizen Initiative website (Refs: 0102030405) and continually cited Kevin Shepherd, Stephen Castro and Kate Thomas (all affiliated with each other and the Citizen Initiative website) as sources on articles and on talk pages (Refs: 010203040506070809101112131415161718192021). Kevin Shepherd is also intimately aware of “The Communicator’s” activity on Wikipedia and even discussed him on his Citizen Initiative website (Ref). Kevin Shepherd’s references to “The Communicator” (and vice-versa) indicate some sort of collaborated scheming on Wikipedia against Stanislav Grof, Holotropic Breathwork and the Findhorn Foundation. Therefore, The Communicator’s comments about Kevin Shepherd are inherently slanted, subjective and defensive and cannot be considered neutral or unbiased.

Update: October 6th 2007: After publishing this webpage, Kevin Shepherd attempted to do damage control and had “The Communicator” update his Wikipedia page. “The Communicator” now claims (when formerly he did not) he works at an Australian University (Ref). Since “The Communicator” did not divulge this information on Wikipedia prior to October 6th 2007, one is left to wonder how Kevin Shepherd knew this information about him if they are not collaborators. Just because “The Communicator” claimed he works at an Australian University does not make his comment factual. He is still anonymous and his alleged credentials cannot be verified whatsoever.

Kevin Shepherd (who can often been seen advocating against Stanislav Grof, Holotropic Breathwork and the Findhorn Foundation) publishes the writings of Stephen J. Castro and Kate Thomas through Citizen Initiative Publishing. Stephen Castro and his ex-housemate “Kate Thomas” (real name ‘Jean Shepherd’, Kevin Shepherd’s mother) lived down the road from the Findhorn Foundation’s Cluny Hill College and were in constant conflict with the Foundation for many years. This would explain why Kevin Shepherd is involved in these controversial issues and why he constantly cites Stephen J. Castro and his mother Kate Thomas (aka “Jean Shepherd”) in his writings.

Dubious Claims About Sai Devotee V.K. Narasimhan

Kevin Shepherd (registrant for the website) displayed remedial researching abilities when he claimed that Joe Moreno gave “inadequate information” about the Sai Devotee V.K. Narasimhan on his blog.

Needless to say, Moreno wrote a detailed article about V.K. Narasimhan on his official website. Apparently Mr. K. Shepherd did not care to research Moreno’s official website and failed to locate the search function clearly visible on the main-index and side-menu pages. View The Results For “V.K. Narasimhan” Using Moreno’s Search Function. All Kevin Shepherd had to do was type in V.K. Narasimhan’s name into the search box and click on “Go” or “Search This Site”.

Although it is true that V.K. Narasimhan was a friend to Robert Priddy during Priddy’s devotee years, there is little doubt that VKN would have severed his friendship with Robert Priddy when Priddy became an ex-devotee. It certainly appears that Robert Priddy fabricated or embellished information about VK Narasimhan to further his venomous campaigns against Sai Baba. This is not far-fetched considering Robert Priddy’s fully documented lies about Moreno and others. The Webpage Profiling Robert Priddy provides concise information about him that proves he is not credible and that he blatantly lies about others unapologetically. Robert Priddy even had the audacity to openly libel Gerald Joe Moreno with fraudulent sexual molestation claims (Ref). Kevin Shepherd ignores these fully documented articles and instead links to Anti-Sai websites while ignoring any information that counters his Anti-Sai rhetoric.

Click Here to view an article that VK Narasimhan wrote in praise of Sathya Sai Baba in Sanathana Sarathi, Special Issue – November 1999 (about 3 months before his death) proving that VKN was devoted to Sathya Sai Baba to his death. The first paragraph reads:

“There are certain periods in the history of mankind when the mortal beings of this earth witness epoch-making divine events with their own eyes. By far the most astounding event of this century is the Advent of Bhagavan Sri Sathya Sai Baba.”

VKN also referred to Sathya Sai Baba throughout his article as “Bhagavan” (i.e., “God”), an “Avatar” (i.e., “Incarnation of God”) and being “divine” or possessing “divinity”. These published comments are objective and verifiable and wholly refute Robert Priddy’s highly questionable claims about V.K. Narasimhan. Robert Priddy’s attributions to V.K. Narasimhan are subjective and non-verifiable hearsay. Although Kevin Shepherd attempts to portray himself as a serious researcher in the Sai Controversy, he readily discarded objective facts with unverifiable hearsay and then had the audacity to claim that Robert Priddy’s hearsay trumped VK Narasimhan’s own words! Moreno would rather rely on V.K. Narasimhan’s verifiable words than on Robert Priddy’s unverifiable hearsay.

Kevin Shepherd also stated without proof that V.K. Narasimhan (a Sai Devotee he never knew, met or saw) was “known to have entertained extensive doubts, his habitual cynicism tempered by his dependence upon ashram amenities”. Moreno personally observed V.K. Narasimhan interact with Sathya Sai Baba (as have many thousands of other people) and VKN always exhibited great reverence and devotion to Sathya Sai Baba. V.K. Narasimhan’s reputation was such that (had he chosen) he could have easily lived in any of India’s numerous ashrams. He chose to stay with Bhagavan Sri Sathya Sai Baba for 30 years to his death. V.K. Narasimhan also had the opportunity to live with his son in Madras, but he chose to live at Puttaparthi instead. These are facts, whereas Shepherd and Priddy’s hearsay and speculations are not. Kevin Shepherd’s position about V.K. Narasimhan (a Sai Devotee he never knew, met or saw) undermines his self-professed integrity and highlights his bias and unsupported viewpoints.

Even in VK Narasimhan’s Private Correspondence With Robert Priddy, VKN never said one word opposing Sathya Sai Baba. To the contrary, VKN praised and eulogized Sathya Sai Baba as “Bhagavan” (i.e., “God”) and typically ended his letters with “Yours in Sai Seva”.

To Date: Robert Priddy has yet to produce a single hand-written or signed letter from VKN that expressed the slightest criticism of Bhagavan Sri Sathya Sai Baba. This is in irrefutable fact that strongly argues that Robert Priddy’s attributions to VKN are fraudulent and dishonest.

Futhermore, it is amusing that despite Robert Priddy and Kevin Shepherd’s constant bashing of Sai Devotees as liars, belonging to a cult, being brainwashed, etc., they constantly praise and cite VKN (an ardent Sai Devotee to his death) as a credible, intelligent and honest man on their behalf.

Hypocrisy, pure and simple.

Also see:
VKN – V.K. Narasimhan – A Life Of Devotion To BHAGAVAN Sri Sathya Sai Baba
VKN – V. K. Narasimhan – Journalist & Devotee

Kevin R D Shepherd’s Fanatic ‘Hitman’ And ‘Terrorist’ Slurs

Fortunately, readers can assess Kevin Shepherd’s conspiracy mentality and extremist views when he alleged (several times) without proof that Sathya Sai Baba is a “strongly alleged paedophile guru who is closely associated with terrorism”. Amusingly, Kevin Shepherd said “Readers now have a clear choice: the partisan evasion of sexual molestation and allied terrorism or the Priddy-Shepherd output of sober analysis.” What a bunch of delusional rubbish! Kevin Shepherd, Robert Priddy, Basava Premananda and Indian Rationalists cannot provide a scintilla of verifiable evidence that Sathya Sai Baba is allied with terrorists. Kevin Shepherd blindly believes the claims, stories and conspiracy theories of Anti-Sai Activists (making no demand for proof and verifiable evidence from them) yet acts contrary when it comes to Pro-Sai Activists (making every conceivable demand that can never meet his expectations).

To Date: Sathya Sai Baba and the Sai Organization have never (ever) been charged with any crime, sexual or otherwise. This is an objective statement of fact and Kevin Shepherd cannot refute it with any court records or official documents. All of the allegations against Sai Baba are based on hearsay, rumor, gossip, conspiracy theories, anonymous accounts and stories from six non-anonymous and alleged victims who have never followed the rule of law (as would be required of the rest of us). Despite Kevin Shepherd’s obvious and abysmal lack of evidence, he had the audacity to claim that his terrorist accusations are “sober” and somehow well supported. They most certainly are not.

It is also interesting to note that Kevin RD Shepherd not only accused Moreno of being an “internet hit man”, he also accused Moreno of “internet terrorism” as well! Kevin Shepherd said “The internet terrorism is now causing outrage in British sectors, especially as Moreno is visible on Google ratings.” These comments clearly indicate that Kevin Shepherd loosely and erroneously accuses others of being “internet hit men” and being involved with “internet terrorism” like a fanatic who is anything but “sober”. Kevin Shepherd is apparently unaware of the extensive Anti-Sai propaganda that litters the internet. Readers can judge for him/her self who is truly guilty of “internet terrorism”.

Since Kevin R.D. Shepherd’s propaganda and rhetoric is now visible on Google, does this make him an “internet terrorist” as well? Apparently so.

Regarding Kevin Shepherd’s claim that Sathya Sai Baba is a “strongly alleged pedophile guru”, no one has been able to confirm even one single case of alleged “pedophilia” against him (Pedophilia Reference).

When it comes to verifiable facts, Kevin Shepherd can’t provide any. He relies on assumption, blind belief and conjecture. Kevin Shepherd makes the case for Moreno that he (Shepherd) is a thoroughly biased and shabby researcher who lacks genuine critical thinking skills. He clearly has an agenda to push and readily attempts to deceive readers with Anti-Sai propaganda. These opinions are supported by the fact that Kevin R.D. Shepherd wrote a rambling diatribe (composed of 16,408 words) against Moreno (citing numerous defamations) yet never once attempted to contact Moreno.

Kevin R.D. Shepherd Cited Ramtha Adherent Against Sathya Sai Baba

Kevin Shepherd had the following to say about Ullrich Zimmermann (an alleged sexual abuse victim of Sathya Sai Baba):

“One of the most arresting testimonies has only recently been duly evaluated. Ullrich Zimmermann (a German now living in America) has become noted for three lengthy online video interviews (at the US portal in which he describes in detail his relationship with Sathya Sai Baba.”

Kevin Shepherd conveniently forgot to mention that Ullrich Zimmermann is a New Age follower of Ramtha (an alleged 36,000 year-old entity as channeled through the psychic medium JZ Knight). It is indeed peculiar that Kevin Shepherd (a strong Anti-New Age advocate) would be citing the testimony of a New Age follower against Sai Baba, calling his stories “most arresting testimonies”.

Kevin Shepherd also forgot to mention that Ullrich Zimmermann originally recalled his alleged experiences with Sathya Sai Baba while drunk at a Ramtha wine ceremony and after the 36,000 year-old entity commanded him to “teach Sai Baba a lesson”. Ullrich Zimmermann described his experiences with Sathya Sai Baba as “white tantra” and explicitly stated (several times) that he was not sexually abused and his experiences were an “honor” conferred upon him!

Zimmermann also claimed that Sathya Sai Baba instantaneously cured him of a long-term breathing ailment by materializing oil and applying it to his chest along the “kundalini line”. Leave it to Kevin Shepherd to leave out these wholly relevant facts and attempt to whitewash Zimmermann’s accounts by citing only self-serving information taken exclusively from Anti-Sai websites (which one would not expect from a serious researcher or scholar).

And to top it all off, Ullrich Zimmermann actually claimed that Sathya Sai Baba literally and miraculously transformed his genitals (from a penis to a vagina and vice versa) with a snap of his fingers twice! In addition, Zimmermann also claimed he saw a flash of white light fly out the Guru’s penis! These are the ludicrous (and quite frankly unbelievable) stories that Kevin Shepherd endorsed, believed and described as being “most arresting testimonies”. Nice to know that Kevin Shepherd (who attempts to portray himself as rationalistic and “sober”) is citing genital-switch miracles, paranormal phenomena and the testimony of a New Age follower against Sathya Sai Baba.

What does this say about Kevin Shepherd? Kevin Shepherd is obviously a very gullible and naive person who is willing to give credence to New Age beliefs by claiming that New Age followers are intelligent, honest, credible and reliable individuals who are worthy of being referenced by him (an alleged “scholarly” author not given to superstition or superstitious beliefs). Again, I am sure this information is going to be very disillusioning to Kevin Shepherd’s readers and admirers (as few as they are).

‘Scholar’ Kevin R.D. Shepherd References New Age Advocate And Reincarnator Against Moreno

Kevin R.D. Shepherd (a staunch Anti-New Age advocate and critic of Sathya Sai Baba) heavily cited and referenced M. Alan Kazlev as a credible and reliable person against Gerald Joe Moreno.

Alan Kazlev (the alleged “credible” and “reliable” reference that Kevin Shepherd cited against Moreno) is a true-believer, promoter and endorser of: Integral Transformation, Integral Metaphysics, Reincarnation, Spirit Possession, Trolls, UFOs, Aliens, Alternate Realities, Cosmic Redemption, Planetary Buddhas, Avataric Gurus, Psychic Powers, Devas, Earth Spirits, Elementals, the Occult, Kundalini, Astrology, Karma, Auras, Astral Bodies, Astral Planes, Astral Beings, Geomancy, Theta Magic, Natal Charts, Samskaras, various New Age philosophies, etc.

Alan Kazlev claimed that Ramana Maharshi is his “sadguru” and that Sri Aurobindo and Mother Mirra are his “gurus”. Futhermore, Alan Kazlev ranted about his past lives on his website, claiming past life associations with Ancient Rome, Atlantis and Ancient Greece. Alan Kazlev claimed he lived past lives as a Polish Kabbalist, a German Soldier and a 19th Century English gentleman-scholar, philosopher theologian and naturalist raised as a British Israelite. Alan Kazlev stated he reincarnates two to three times a century and was “exiled” to Earth (apparently from another planet) to help in the spiritual transformation of the entire Earth (Reference).

It has since come to light that Alan Kazlev is a grungy guy who loves to drool over images of a “pornographic kind” (using Robert Priddy’s moral standards) and wrote two cyberpunk articles replete with filthy speech and sexually explicit material. See:

syndorphin2-6-C by M. Alan Kazlev or View Syndorphin 2-6-C Blogged Post

Hap New Year by M. Alan Kazlev or View Hap New Year Blogged Post

Kevin R.D. Shepherd has yet to say one word about Alan Kazlev’s penchant to tell raunchy and pornographic stories about erect penises, wanton sex and obscene references to women as being “cunts”.

It is very amusing that Kevin Shepherd (a staunch Anti-New Age advocate) is citing a New Age believer as a credible, reliable, reputable and noteworthy “reference” against Gerald Joe Moreno. What does this say about Kevin Shepherd? Kevin RD Shepherd is obviously a very gullible and naive person who is willing to give credence to New Age beliefs by claiming that New Age followers are intelligent, honest, credible and reliable individuals who are worthy of being referenced by him (a self-professed “scholar” not given to superstition or superstitious beliefs). This information is going to be very disillusioning to Kevin Shepherd’s readers and admirers (as few as they are).

It is also disturbing that Kevin Shepherd miserably failed to mention the fact that Moreno fully responded to M. Alan Kazlev on his official websites (Refs: 0102). Kevin Shepherd also miserably failed to mention that M. Alan Kazlev defamed Moreno with bogus psychological profiles (areas of expertise he admitted he has no credentials in) and viciously insinuated that Moreno had a sexual oiling massage from Sathya Sai Baba (a bold-faced and gutter untruth) and that Moreno sees Sathya Sai Baba as a “much loved surrogate father figure” and “possibly a pretend homosexual lover” (more bold-faced and gutter untruths). Moreno has fully responded to Alan Kazlev’s defamations and misrepresentations in his article entitled Joe Moreno Refutes Being Sexually Abused By Sathya Sai Baba.

Strangely enough, Alan Kazlev fully admitted (several times) that he did not have the “time”, “patience” or “inclination” to research the Anti-Sai movement for himself and simply “skimmed” through information Moreno sent him and relied on Anti-Baba critics to better inform him. This is not surprising after reading Alan Kazlev’s Disrespectable Me bio.

Needless to say, Kevin Shepherd would have known all these facts had he cared to contact Moreno or had he cared to research this matter thoroughly. Kevin Shepherd did not care to contact Moreno nor did he research this matter thoroughly, thus confirming his bias, shabby research and non-serious investigation into the Sai Controversy.

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