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The Dubious History Of The So-Called ‘Sai Petition’ Against Sathya Sai Baba

Ex-Devotee’s original ‘Sai Petition’ was first created in 2002 on the website at (which has subsequently been deleted). The first 799 signature submissions were obtained through the website. Just how valid are the petitions on Take a look at the following absurd ‘petitions’ and judge for yourself:

That’s right, the original Sai Petition was created on a website where anyone can create any petition he/she chooses. These so-called ‘petitions’ can easily be spammed with fake entries and do not have any way of verifying the identities of the people who sign them. Choose any petition you want and submit your name multiple times using fake email addresses.

In a letter entitled, “Towards Public Accountability and Due Investigation: A Formal Open Appeal to ‘The Prashanti Council’”, JuST invited the Prashanti Council to an “…honest and decent, but basically uncensored, public discussion…” Well, if JuST’s Online Petition is any example of the “honesty and decency” that they claim to exemplify, it is of little wonder that no one has agreed to speak to them.

JuST also distinguished itself from the Sai Organization by accusing the Sai Organization of “soviet-style control of all information”. Nevertheless, JuST does the very same thing with their Sai Petition. They screened submissions (Soviet-style) and accepted only vile and unsubstantiated submissions without verifying them.

Some of the “approved” submissions to JuST’s Original Sai Petition:

  • “He tried to murder my childhood friend”
  • “This mentally-deranged paedophile must be investigated and jailed for his crimes.”
  • “act fast and throw that idiot behind the bars”
  • “Must punish Sai Baba cult groups. It is a cancer or HIV-AID or sars dangerous transmitter diseases.”
  • “Sai Baba is the devil. He sums up what hinduism is all about. Hindusism is a racist methodology which discriminates on the basis of a caste system and is steeped in sexual deviancy.”
  • “People should beware of him and his death will be a blessing for all humanity. Compare Sai baba and hinduism to the purity and justice that Islam represents.”
  • “Baba is no God; he’s the opposite of GOD – DOG!”
  • “It is very sad that the small & poor countries have to adopt the laws of homosexuality, prostiuates and so on to be accept in international organizations”
  • “I have also heard a lot of things abt this guy, who so shamelessly calls himself an incarnation of God. He is infact an incarnation of ‘Satan’. He is so ugly looking that I wonder how can one ever think God could look like him.”
  • “behead this and all other false gurus”
  • “STOP THIS DEMON!!!!” (which happens to be repeated ver batim in other posts)
  • “There is a (homosexual) spammer in this forum who not surprisingly might be one of SB’s little morons who run around annoying others by trying to get them to react to his stupid little remarks. When he is caught, this filthy garbage of an Indian will not get any more pleasure from his childish nonsense. I think he may have had sexual relations with SB.”

Is this the “moral and decent” example that JuST seeks to provide?

Update: October 3rd 2004: Original Petition Page Closed Down:

On the very same day ex-devotees received Gerald Joe Moreno’s e-mail exposing their bogus ‘Sai Petition’, they closed down the original Sai Petition on the website and fully acknowleded that the original Sai Petition could be (and was) spammed! This refutes the “legal” status that Randi Godager and the Administrator attributed to the petition. Despite closing down their original petition, JuST is keeping their newer petition at, which allows them to have more “soviet style” control over the submissions; allowing them to delete, modify and alter the submissions according to their whims and fancies.

The original petition was closed down with the following message:


JuST and Arthur Klein lied no less than five times:

  • JuST and Arthur Klein lied about Sai Devotees “sabotaging” their site. A quick check with verified that NO act of sabotage was perpetrated on JuST’s Original Petition page.
  • JuST and Arthur Klein lied when they said the Original Petition page was “spammed”. All the entries submitted to the Original Petition page were screened and approved by the petition Administrators. How can someone spam the Original Petition if submissions were screened and approved by them first?
  • JuST and Arthur Klein lied about Gerald Moreno, saying he gave an: “…inaccurate number of genuine signers.”. As Joe Moreno pointed out before, anyone can compare the signatures on both Petition Sites and see the additions, deletions and alterations for him/her self.
  • Furthermore (as if this could not be even more embarassing for JuST and Arthur Klein) they lied when they said that the newer petition at verifies emails. It most certainly does not. Joe Moreno made another false submission at using a fake email. Look for the name, “Laim Ekaf”. Read that name backwards and you have “Fake Mial” or “fake mail” (Update: is now screening submissions as of October 9th 2004 due to this lie that could be verified firsthand).
  • JuST and Arthur Klein lied about Moreno, saying: “…CRITICS OF THIS PETITION ARE PERSONS WHO BELIEVE SAI BABA IS GOD ALMIGHTY INCARNATE IN INDIA…”. Gerald Joe Moreno never said he believes that Sathya Sai Baba is God almighty. Where did they get this information from? Who told them this? Certainly, not Moreno. Moreno sees Sathya Sai Baba as a Spiritual Personality, not God.

If JuST and Arthur Klein publicly lie about (and on) the petition, what else are they lying about? The closing comment reveals how bitter and vitriolic these people truly are.

Update: October 14th 2004: Original Petition Page Completely Removed:

The petition administrators completely removed the original petition off the website in a deceitful attempt to hide the truth about their bogus Sai Petition. Nevertheless, Moreno made and maintains a complete catalog of screen captures from the Original Petition page, including all 799 signatures, multiple signatures, deletions and forum-like postings.

Sai Baba Critic Robert Priddy Falsifies Information About Joe Apodaca Signature

Gerald Joe Moreno has had to write several “fighting the smears” articles to refute Robert Priddy’s internet propaganda, libels and complete disinformation against him.

In yet another illustrative example of Robert Priddy’s fairy-tale mentality (which appears to be the onslaught of senile dementia) is a complete and utter fabrication of facts against Moreno on his Anti-Baba conspiracy blog. Robert Priddy said:

Robert Priddy’s Bold-Faced Lie About The Joe Apodaca Signature

Robert Priddy’s Bold-Faced Lie About The Joe Apodaca Signature

Robert Priddy: “His case rested mainly on his having been able to make some false submissions to the petition before it was protected properly from such spamming (in its new location) – including a bogus entry he boasts about having made under the bogus name Joe Apodaco or the like. [Note that Joe Moreno gave no documentary proof he made that entry. However, it was removed just in case.]

At the same time Moreno states that he wrote (under the pseudonym) he had been “sexually abused” in the comment accompanying the sabotage signature! Interestingly – and perhaps unconsciously revealing a Freudian slip – for Joe Moreno was actually abused by Sathya Sai Baba, though he denies that the lowering of his pants and massaging with oil on his “lower stomach” was what the law (even in India) defines it as – sexual molestation when not performed with consent by a doctor of medicine. (See Basava Premanand’s discussion with Moreno on this)”

Sai Petition And The ‘Joe Apodaca’ Submission:

Click Here To Read More About The Bogus ‘Sai Petition’ that Robert Priddy made reference to. Of course, Robert Priddy miserably failed to inform his readers (as he typically does) that Moreno was able to submit multiple submissions to the Newer Sai Petition and those submissions were approved by the Sai Petition administrators!

The Older Sai Petition allowed for anyone to submit as many comments he/she so desired without any sort of verification process in place (with an admission from Robert Priddy himself). Therefore, the first 824 “signatures” on the Older Sai Petition have rightly been called into question by Robert Priddy himself. Thank you Mr. Priddles!

Why should Moreno provide “documentary proof” that he submitted the name of “Joe Apodaca” to the Sai Petition? If the Sai Petition is truly a legitimate and legal petition (as critic’s allege) they should be able to contact “Joe Apodaca” and verify the submission for themselves. The fact that critic’s were/are unable to verify Joe Apodaca’s submission is “documentary proof” enough that Moreno made it!

Robert Priddy Falsifies Yet Another Sexual Abuse Claim:

Robert Priddy: “At the same time Moreno states that he wrote (under the pseudonym) he had been “sexually abused” in the comment accompanying the sabotage signature!”

Robert Priddy falsely claimed that Moreno stated he had been “sexually abused” by Sathya Sai Baba under the pseudonym of “Joe Apodaca”! Robert Priddy completely fabricated this claim and (once again) cannot source it to any verifiable references whatsoever.

However, Moreno can reference his rebuttal that he never (ever) submitted a signature to the bogus Sai Petition with any comment claiming (even indirectly) that he was “sexually abused” by Sathya Sai Baba. See for yourself (names submitted were “Joe Apodaca”, “Joe M”, “J M”, “Isaac Nivek” and “Kevin Iassa”):

Screencap To The Current Sai Petition With Joe Apodaca Signature

Screencap To The Current Sai Petition With Joe Apodaca Signature

Screencap Of Original Sai Petition Showing Joe Apodaca Signature

Screencap Of Original Sai Petition Showing Joe Apodaca Signature

Under the name “Joe Apodaca”, Moreno said: “I had a friend who died at Sathya Sai Baba’s ashram”. Nowhere did Moreno claim (even indirectly) that he was “sexually abused” by Sathya Sai Baba as falsely and maliciously stated by senile Robert Priddy. See a screencap of the Google search results for yourself:
Google Result Showing Correct Info With Joe Apodaca Signature

Google Result Showing Correct Info With Joe Apodaca Signature

Moreno also sent Robert Priddy an email about the name “Joe Apodaca” on July 24th 2005:
Email To Robert Priddy About Joe Apodaca Signature In July 2005

Email To Robert Priddy About Joe Apodaca Signature In July 2005

From: Joe (July 24th 2005)
Subject: Remove Fake Name:
To: Robert Priddy

Dear Mr. Priddles,

I wanted to bring to your attention that you have published a fake name on your “Ex-Office Bearers” site, located at:

If you had only cared to read my site a little more thoroughly, you would have noticed that I clearly stated that “Joe Apodaca” was one of several fake names I used to expose the inherent dishonesty in the submission policy at I even provided a screen capture to these fake names (which has been on my site since November 2004)!

Check for yourself:

Although I used various derivatives of my name ‘Joe’ (2 of which were deleted from, I did not lie about knowing someone who died at Sathya Sai Baba’s Ashram. Michael Oliver was a very good friend of mine (his parents live 50 miles away from me). I was amazed that you met him (I read about it in your book). He never mentioned your name to me. Not even once.

At any rate, it makes one wonder why you would publish someone’s name, and a comment they made, without caring to verify their identity or their claim. This nicely makes my case that the signatures on are not verified (I happened to use a fake email as well). It also makes my case that Anti-Sai Activists (like yourself) disperse information ‘willy-nilly’, caring less for factual integrity and caring more for negative content.

Consequently, to save yourself further embarrassment, I suggest you make the necessary correction immediately. Although I must tell you that I have already screen captured the page and saved the cache. Maybe I can write an article, like the one you did with the Sai Organisation and the Westminster Cathedral? After all, you have such a fervent dedication to the truth, I am sure you wouldn’t mind if I applied the same standard to you that you apply to others.

Have a nice day.


Joe Moreno

Further solidifying Moreno’s rebuttal are archived links going back to 2005 that prove Moreno never (ever) claimed he was sexually abused by Sathya Sai Baba under his “Joe Apodaca” pseudonym:

  1. View Original Article About The Apodaca Signature
  2. View The Fake Name Google Cache
  3. View Email Correspondence With Robert Priddy

Robert Priddy is a dirty old man who loves to tell dirty stories about others. Barry Pittard (a pseudo-moralist and heart-string-plucker extraordinaire) loves to revel in Robert Priddy’s dirty stories and actually endorses them! Of course, Barry Pittard has his own fair share of criticism regarding his highly questionable past. How can anyone believe anything Robert Priddy and Barry Pittard have to say about Sathya Sai Baba when they shamelessly libel others?

Pervert Priddy Continues Sexual Abuse Libels:

Robert Priddy formerly libeled Moreno as being “molested sexually” by Sathya Sai Baba and claimed that Moreno said his pants were lowered by the Guru! Of course, Moreno never (ever) made the fabricated claims that Robert Priddy attributed to him. Now, however, Robert Priddy is claiming that Moreno said his “lower stomach” was “massaged” with oil by Sathya Sai Baba. Moreno never (ever) claimed he was “massaged” with oil. Alan Kazlev (Robert Priddy’s psychic & reincarnating friend) is to be attributed with that disinformation.

The big question is:

WHY is Robert Priddy so sexually focused on Moreno’s non-sexual interview?

Robert Priddy is like a sexual deviant who can’t stop fantasizing about the possibility that Moreno was sexually molested by Sathya Sai Baba and keeps on twisting Moreno’s words with sexual innuendo and sexual inferences not rooted in fact.

  1. If Robert Priddy openly falsifies sexual molestation claims against Moreno, what other sexual molestation claims is he fabricating as well?
  2. If Barry Pittard openly endorses falsified sexual molestation claims against Moreno, what other falsified sexual molestation claims is he endorsing as well?

One must remember that Robert Priddy is actually trying to make the argument that even though Moreno explicitly stated he was not sexually abused by Sathya Sai Baba, one must ignore Moreno’s first-hand words and clarifications and instead rely on Robert Priddy’s sexual inferences based on descriptions he fabricated against Moreno! This from a man who claims he has not told a single lie!

Robert Priddy should stop embarrassing himself and the Anti-Sai Movement he defends. As one can see, Robert Priddy’s failing memory (strongly indicative of senile dementia) is getting him into a lot of trouble. Robert Priddy’s proven pathological lies have thoroughly compromised his so-called credibility and integrity. Those who support Robert Priddy’s gutter untruths (such as Barry Pittard, Timothy Conway, Kevin Shepherd, Alan Kazlev, Brian Steel, Serguei Badaev, Reinier Van Der Sandt, Andries Krugers Dagneaux, Basava Premanand, et al) are similarly compromised.

What next will come out of Robert Priddy’s mouth (besides spit, invective, libel and disinformation)? One can be certain that many things will come out of Robert Priddy’s mouth, but the truth won’t be one of them.

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