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An Example Of Robert Priddy’s Paranoia And Obsession With Gerald Moreno On Wikipedia

Posted on: June 10, 2010

An Example Of Robert Priddy’s Paranoia And Obsession With Gerald Moreno On Wikipedia

A very whiny Robert Priddy (a caustic critic and defamer of Sathya Sai Baba who once hailed the Guru as God Incarnate) made an amusing complaint against Gerald Joe Moreno on Angela’s Wikipedia Talk Page: Reference.

Since Robert Priddy posted his comment on the top of Angela’s talk page (instead of the bottom where it should have been made) Angela moved Robert Priddy’s comment to the bottom of the page where it belonged: See For Yourself.

Robert Priddy was apparently unable to find his previous comment because Angela moved it so he reposted it again: Reference.

Without any proof and while foaming at the mouth and shrieking shrilly, Robert Priddy erroneously claimed that Gerald Moreno removed his post. Robert Priddy said:

Robert Priddy: “You will see the determination of Moreno to stop you knowing what I wrote by the fact that he has deleted my request to you in your user paeg (see below on the discussion page). Just goes to emphasizse my point. Moreno is a full-time stalker and defamer. Robert Priddy” (Refs: 0102)

Yes, those typos are Priddy’s (Robert Priddy was obviously so angry, he couldn’t spell and didn’t care to proofread his vitriol against Moreno).

That’s right! Without conducting the least bit of research and without ascertaining the facts of the matter, Robert Priddy had the audacity to claim that Joe Moreno removed his post! Robert Priddy jumped to the worst case conspiratorial view and insulted Moreno as a “stalker” and “defamer” although Angela was the person who moved Robert Priddy’s comment. Moreno never edited that page!

Talk about pre-senile dementia and paranoia! Robert Priddy is so thoroughly obsessed with Moreno, he thinks that Moreno is out to get him, that Moreno is following him and that Moreno is responsible for his own errors. Ha!

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