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Al Rahm’s Email To Gerald Joe Moreno – A Response To Internet Proxy Barry Pittard

Posted on: January 16, 2010

Al Rahm’s Email To Gerald Joe Moreno – A Response To Internet Proxy Barry Pittard

Barry Pittard (a caustic critic and defamer of Sathya Sai Baba and others) wrote an article babbling about Al Rahm’s Explanatory Letter To Gerald Joe Moreno. Barry Pittard accused Moreno of being a “Sathya Sai Baba Internet Proxy”. If the argument of being an “internet proxy” is supposed to compromise Moreno’s arguments, then Barry Pittard shot himself in the foot because he is a self-appointed Internet Proxy & Proxy Defamer for alleged “victims”.

About Al Rahm’s explanatory letter, Barry Pittard left out highly relevant facts that would severely compromise the integrity of his arguments had he included them.

  1. First and foremost, it is noteworthy that we never hear from Alaya Rahm in these matters but rather from his parents (particularly Al Rahm) and Ex-Devotees. Alaya is now and at all times relevant has been an adult and presumably capable of expressing his own opinions and advancing his own claims. This is important to point out because one cannot truly know if Alaya’s parents or Ex-Devotees are actually or accurately expressing Alaya’s position. Since Ex-Devotees, Al Rahm and Marisa Rahm never claimed to have personally witnessed an incident of alleged molestation regarding Alaya, their assertions and comments regarding Alaya’s alleged experiences are entirely hearsay.
  2. Al Rahm also has a disturbing history of changing and exaggerating claims and comments made in association with Alaya Rahm. Even more disturbing is when Al Rahm personally lied to Gerald Joe Moreno (Ref), claiming that Basava Premanand filed a recent lawsuit against the Sai Organization (a claim that Premanand was unwilling to concede to and was apparently unaware of).
  3. In “Response To Form Interrogatories” in Alaya Rahm’s self-dismissed lawsuit against the Sathya Sai Baba Society (Form Interrogatory No. 6.3, Set One) Alaya Rahm fully admitted that he had been a daily user of illegal street drugs and alcohol from 1995 – 2005. Consequently, during Alaya Rahm’s “Divine Downfall” and India Today Anti-Sai interviews and during the filming of the BBC Documentary “Secret Swami” and the “Seduced By Sai Baba” Danish Documentary, Alaya Rahm was under the influence of illegal street drugs and alcohol while relating his alleged sexual encounters with Sathya Sai Baba. This crucial information wholly undermines Alaya Rahm’s credibility and irreparably compromises the integrity of his claims. Needless to say, Alaya Rahm’s alcoholism and drug addiction have been purposely suppressed from the general public by Anti-Sai Activists, Barry Pittard, Robert Priddy, the Rahm Family, Tanya Datta, the BBC and the media (Ref).
  4. Supporting Alaya Rahm’s involvement with illegal street drugs and drug addicts is a secondary court case in November 2007 where Alaya Rahm testified on behalf of his friend Valdez T Woods, who was arrested and convicted for possession of crack cocaine and marijuana with the intent to deliver (PDF Reference). As a matter of fact, Valdez T Woods was arrested within a mile of Alaya Rahm’s then current residence (as revealed in official court records). Alaya Rahm was identified as a “friend and associate” of drug dealer and drug addict Valdez T Woods.
  5. In pretrial discovery, Alaya Rahm claimed he suffered no psychological trauma that would have required medical or psychiatric care. Alaya identified no psychologist who had ever examined him and his parents never had Alaya undergo psychological counseling despite their repeated and boisterous claims that Alaya was “seriously sexually molested”. The only help that Alaya obtained was a 3 day seminar from the Landmark Forum on “Empowerment, self help and personal growth” that cost $795 in June 2005 (5 years after his alleged abuse and 5 months after he filed his lawsuit)! That’s it. It would appear that Al & Marisa Rahm were incredibly negligent in getting psychological help for their “seriously sexually molested” son.

Don’t expect Barry Pittard to mention any of these facts. Apparently, the testimony of a decade-long, daily-user of illegal street drugs and alcohol seeking a money settlement who suffered no emotional trauma that warranted psychological or medical care is credible in the eyes of Barry Pittard.

If Barry Pittard thinks these facts are trivial, why doesn’t he mention or discuss them? Instead, Barry Pittard blathers about Moreno, blithely tossing around terms like “defamation” and “libel” although Alaya Rahm’s drug addiction and alcoholism were self-disclosed in official court records.

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